General Information

Fool Since:
October 28 2009
YesWeDidnt (11/20/2010)

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Medium High
Risk Tolerance:
Medium High
Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy to Hold
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)
Types of Investments:
Tech, Fool recs
Stocks I Own:
Stock Advisor picks

Investing Favorites

Apple EBay Google Amazon
Tech Tech Tech
One Up on Wall Street, Beating the Street
Buffett Annual Letter in Berkshire Hathaway Annual Report
Peter Lynch, Warren Buffett, Philip Fischer

Investing Expertise

My Area of Expertise:
Value is Growth and Growth is Value; that is all ye know on this earth, and all ye need know


My Interests:
The envionment and them that inhabits it. Dogs, horses, whales, dolphins, fish and animals in general. Let's stop killing them for "recreation"
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