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Nicolae Carpathia
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April 15 1999
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loan sharking microloans to impoverished peasants


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Conventional wisdom #1: You should let "experts" who manage mutual funds manage your money for you. Foolish response: Yikes! Did you know that some three-quarters of all managed mutual funds underperform the stock market's average return? In other words, most people are paying Wise "professionals" to make them less money -- and these professionals are paid very, very well in the process! Mutual fund managers will try to persuade you that they have some special insight or crystal ball. Unfortunately, their impressive-sounding jargon is hogwash when compared to the actual performance of the market averages. If you're ever going to be invested in mutual funds, you needn't look beyond an index fund, which tracks the market's returns at a very low cost. (For more information, check out our Mutual Fund Center.)
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