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Chuck Saletta

General Information

Chuck Saletta
Fool Since:
March 9 1998
babyfrog (3/23/2005)
Where I Live:
Cincinnati, OH
Where I Grew Up:
Chicago, IL

Investing Basics

Stocks I Own:
STOCKS: PG, SJM, AFL, ALB, AVGO, BBGI, BBWI, BRMK, CARR, CSCO, CVS, DIS, DOV, EMR, ENB, EXR, FDX, GE, GIS, HAS, HOG, INTC, JEF, KMI, KR, LMT, MFA, MMM, MSA, MSFT, NLY, NOV, OTIS, PDCO, PFE, PRU, R, ROIC, RTX, STX, SYF, TEVA, TGT, TUP, TXN, UNM, UNP, UWMC, VLO, VSCO, WELL, WFC, WKHS, WM, XOM ... BONDS: WFC, FNF, EIX, Endurance Specialty Holdings, DFS, CVS, WMB, ET, DISCA, Aircastle, JPM, AET, CCI, AXP, VIAC, SHPG, MS, ABBV, K, CNHI, SR, KIM, HST, AYR, ARCC, BAC, SYF, LOW, COF, AET, NWL, VNO, CNQ, EPR, Puget Energy, WELL, ORCC, SHW, SPG, GE, UNM, BNS, DB, EXPE, MT, AVT, TRI, KHC, BSIG, WLK, GE, KRG, PSEC, SPG, VLO, AVGO, BA, DOC, OHI, NSC, SPG, SYY, GM, HAS, CXO, LUV, AL, OHI, AMH, PSXP, BRX, ENBL, ET, HAS, DFS, AL, PSEC, BA, BXP, SCS, WDC, SYF, EXR ... OPTIONS: Synthetic Covered Strangles in ATIP, BA, CAG, CAH, CAT, CCL, CWH, EBAY, ENB, HEAR, INTC, KPLT, OHI, PRAA, PRU, RCII, SIX, SMG, UPST, UWMC, WFC ... OTHER: Custom Small Cap Equity Index and Large Cap Equity Index Funds in 401(k) plans, Ohio 529 Vanguard Extended Market Index and Vanguard 500 Index, PG Preferred, PG NQESO, PG RSU ... Note: Some positions are held by my wife or my minor children and not by me. They are reported here per the Fool's request.

Investing Favorites

I'm trying to be Foolish. Why get emotional and pick favorites? :-)

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Grad School: Xavier University. Undergraduate School: Duke University.
Job Title
Fool: Discovery/HR Home Fool and Contract Writer. Outside world: Business Analyst


Personal Quote:
In investing, you make your own luck.
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Sid Meier -- The computer game developer who has kept me entertined for hours.
Favorite Vacation Spots:
Anyplace with glass-like water and ski boats.
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Chicago Cubs. (Yeah, I'm a glutton for punishment).
Favorite Music or Musicians:
"Weird Al" ;-)
Great Books Read Recently:
The Star Wars "Heir to the Empire" Trilogy -- Timothy Zahn
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