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Brian Orelli

General Information

Brian Orelli
Fool Since:
March 23 2001
BiologyFool (7/18/2007), bjorelli (8/12/2001)
Where I Live:
San Diego, CA

Investing Basics

Stocks I Own:
APVO, ASLN, CLOV, CMRX, DMTK, DTIL, FATE, GMAB, HUMA, IGMS, IONS, ISRG, KYMR, MRTX, NVAX, NVCR, OM, PACB, PIRS, SGEN, TDOC, TXG, TWST, VRTX, VTI, VTWO, XNCR, ZYME, Short Oct 2022 $20 Puts on KYMR, Short Oct 2022 $70 Puts on MRTX, Short Oct 2022 $40 Call on TWST, Long Dec 2022 $2.50 Calls on HUMA, Long Mar 2023 $5 Calls on HUMA, CRYPTO:BAT, CRYPTO:SWEAT

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
U.C. Davis (B.S.) and U. of Chicago (PhD)
Job Title
Contributor for, Analyst for Biotech Breakthroughs
Company / Organization
The Motley Fool

My Story

Somewhere between his graduate thesis on BRCA1, a gene that causes hereditary breast cancer, and his postdoctoral fellowship studying DNA repair, Brian realized he enjoyed analyzing other people’s data more than running his own experiments. Having gotten his first taste of how to analyze stocks as a member of The Motley Fool many years before, it was only fitting that he came full circle and started writing about biotech, pharmaceutical, and medical device companies for in 2007. Brian is currently an analyst for The Fool's Biotech Breakthroughs service. He previously helped launch the Odyssey 2 portfolio in the Fool’s Supernova service, which had a cumulative return of 247% over the 5.5 years it was active, compared to a 152% total return for the S&P 500. When not writing for The Motley Fool or trade journals, such as Nature Biotechnology and BioWorld, Brian can be found working in his vegetable garden or hanging out at the beach in his hometown of San Diego.

Contact Information

[email protected] or follow on Twitter: @BiologyFool

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