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Howard Smith

General Information

Howard Smith
Fool Since:
February 26 2001
CMF4Lily (10/28/2019), hsmith1415 (10/17/2016)
Where I Live:
Mt. Pleasant, SC

Investing Basics

Stocks I Own:
MSFT, HAS, GOOG, PRAA, BIP, BIPC, VIVO, JNJ, NUE, GRMN, BLX, SSD, MIDD, DIS, CPA, NKLA, QS, LAC, FAST, HD, KMI, KPELY, KTF, PAYX, PFE, VTRS, TGH, Long Jan 2022 $145 calls on IBM, Short Jan 2022 $155 calls on IBM, Long Jan 2022 $55 calls on SBUX, Short Jan 2022 $115 calls on SBUX, Long Jan 2022 $85 calls on JPM, Short Jan 2022 $85 puts on JPM, AAPL, BKE, Short Dec 2021 $40 calls on BKE, BRK.B, CWGL, ISDR, JLL, O, ATCO, TTS, UTG, V, CTRE, DVY, NLY, MKC, ROIC, STAG, UWKI, NEE, CCI, AMT, T, EDIT, INTC, Short Dec 2021 $57.5 calls on INTC, ZUO, JD, Short Dec 2021 $80 calls on JD, AMZN, PAGS, STNE, CMPS, IQ, CRM, OKTA, TWLO, AYX, ZS, ROKU, CWBHF, TLRY, JUSHF, CRWD, NWVCF, CRTD, MGM, CWH, XL, Short Dec 2021 $17.50 puts on XL, Short Nov 2021 $15 puts on XL, CHPT, ARVL, AY, TPGY, EVGO, BYDDY, NIO, LCID, PTRA, XOS, SNPR, BE, MGA, AXSM, Short Dec 2021 $75 puts on PTON

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Job Title
Steel consultant


My Interests:
Running (trail and road)
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Jerry Garcia
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Eagles, Flyers, Phillies, Sixers
Great Books Read Recently:
Finding Ultra
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