Brian Withers

General Information

Brian Withers
Fool Since:
November 25 2004
bwithbike (3/13/2014)
Where I Live:
Where I Grew Up:
IBM (I've been moved!) - East coast mostly

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Risk Tolerance:
Medium High
Investing Style:
Motley (i.e. Anything goes!)
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)
Types of Investments:
Technology, Rule Breakers, Things I like to spend money on.
Stocks I Own:
AAXN, AMZN, ANET, APPF, AYX, BZUN, CMG, DOCU, HUBS, INTC, ISRG, JD, JMIA, MA, MDB, MELI, NFLX, OLED, OKTA, PAYC, PYPL, QTWO, SFIX, SHOP, SQ, TDOC, TEAM, TECHY, TMFC, TTD, TWLO, UAA, VEEV, WIX, WORK, Z, ZG, ZM, ZS Kids stocks, AAPL, AMZN, ATVI, CLB, CMG, DIS, EA, EBAY, FDX, FEYE, GOOG, GOOGL, HAS, HEI, IBKR, KO, LFUS, NFLX, NKE, NTDOY, NVDA, PYPL, RCL, RST, SBUX, SNE, TGT, TSLA, TWC Options: Long Jan 2021 $35 Calls on SBUX, Short Jan 2020 $80 Calls on SBUX, Short Jan 2020 $52.5 Calls on INTC, Short Dec 2019 $65 Puts on SQ, Short Jan 2020 $35 Puts on WORK

Investing Favorites

Top ten holdings (updated 9/30/19): MELI (10.3% of stock portfolio), SHOP (7.7%), AMZN (7.7%), MDB (5.1%), TWLO (4.8%), SQ (4.7%), OKTA (4.1%), DOCU (4.0%), AYX (3.9%), TDOC (3.2%) = 55.5% of my overall stock portfolio
Stock Advisor (my first and most recommended), Rulebreakers (from the first issue!), MF One, Partnership Portfolio
David & Tom, Shelby Davis

Investing Expertise

Greatest Investment:
Worst Investment:
Selling Netflix in 2010
Money I Manage:
Mine and my kids

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Virginia Tech undergrad, NC State grad school
Job Title
Assoc. Director, Change Management
Company / Organization
Allergan Inc.
Former Jobs
Dell & IBM


Personal Quote:
From Apollo 13 movie: Marilyn Lovell: "Naturally, it's 13. Why 13?" Jim Lovell: "It comes after 12, hon."
My Interests:
Both kinds of biking (mountain and road), bouldering, obstacle course racing, and investing with the Motley Fool
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
I've met Tim Cook and Michael Dell. I'd love to meet Reed Hastings and Tom Hanks.
Favorite Vacation Spots:
Caribbean, Rocky Mountain National Park, Asheville, NC
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Hokies Football!
Favorite Movies:
Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Princess Bride, Knights Tale, Apollo 13
Favorite Board Games:
Anything by Smirk 'n Dagger. Google it!
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Sting, Billy Joel, Zac Brown Band, Howard Jones, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Goo Goo Dolls, The Fray, Darius Rucker
Great Books Read Recently:
Steve Jobs Biography, The Everything Store: Jeff Bezos and the Age of Amazon, Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration, Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World
Book Currently Reading:
Can't read just one at a time! Got several going.

An Interview with TMFBwithbike

Last updated: 7/5/2018
The Fool:
As a former child and possibly parent of one now, share your best advice about raising children.
Be humble. Listen to your wife. Help your kids pick stocks they will own at a young age and have them invest stocks they choose on a regular basis (never sell any of their stocks)...
The Fool:
Your most heroic moment in life?
Being there when my boys arrived into the world and completing my Masters degree.
The Fool:
What's been your best investment to date, and how did you discover it?
Netflix. I just hated driving to the video store, trying to pick something that we'd like. I bought in 2003 and 2004. Unfortunately, I've since sold all those shares and bought back in 2012. I will never sell the NFLX I now own.
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