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Toby Bordelon

General Information

Toby Bordelon
Fool Since:
July 10 1998
stuartb (3/13/2014)
Where I Live:
Reno, NV
Where I Grew Up:
Pensacola, FL

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Risk Tolerance:
Investing Style:
Motley (i.e. Anything goes!)
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)
Stocks I Own:
ABNB, ATER, ATVI, BIDU, BRK.B, BZUN, COOK, COUP, CRNC, CLX, DKNG, DMTK, F, FSLY, HUYA, IQ, IRBT, JMIA, KHOTF, LMND, LTCH, MA, MAR, MGNI, NWINF, MSFT, NCNO, OPEN, PD, PTON, RDFN, RKT, SFIX, SKLZ, SPCE, SQ, TWOU, U, UA, UAA, V, VITL, WD, WW, ANET, APPN, DEO, EXEL, HQY, LOPE, MDB, MKL, OKTA, PAYC, SAM, SHOP, SKLZ, STEM, TEAM, FOOLX, TMFC, TTD, TWLO, WIX, IPGP, AMZN, DIS, EBAY, FLGT, MELI, MOD, NFLX, NTR, PYPL, SBUX, TPR, TMFGX, CMG, COST, CHWY, AAPL, UPS, MCD, GOOGL, SFIX, HAS, SPOT, JOAN Short 9/22 $165 Calls on BIDU, Short 9/22 $95 Calls on COUP, Short 9/22 $35 Puts on CROX, Short 9/22 $100 Calls on DIS, Short 9/22 $75 Calls on DOCU, Short 9/22 $30 Puts on LMND, Short 9/22 $5 Puts on PTON, Short 9/22 $13.99 Puts on RKT, Short 10/22 $17.50 Puts on BROS, Short 10/22 $13 Puts on GOOS, Short 10/22 $175 Puts on MRNA, Short 10/22 $60 Puts on ROKU, Short 10/22 $90 Puts on SQ, Short 10/22 $15 Calls on STEM, Short 10/22 $25 Puts on UPWK, Short 10/22 $85 Puts on ZM, Short 11/22 $75 Puts on AYX, Short 11/22 $20 Calls on DKNG, Short 11/22 $27.50 Puts on DOCS, Short 11/22 $12 Puts on JMIA, Short 11/22 $300 puts on NFLX, Short 11/22 $40 Puts on PINS, Short 11/22 $60 Puts on SQ, Short 11/22 $15 Puts on RDFN, Short 11/22 $30 Puts on U, Short 11/22 $20 Puts on UPST, Short 11/22 $350 Puts on ZBRA, Short 12/22 $20 Puts on LZ, Short 12/22 $50 Puts on TDOC, Short 12/22 $160 Puts on TTWO, Short 1/23 $55 Puts on CHWY, Long 1/23 $200 Calls on CLX, Long 1/23 $45 Calls on EBAY, Short 1/23 $45 Puts on EBAY, Short 1/23 $20 Puts on FUBO, Short 12/23 $12.50 Puts on WW, Long 1/24 $90 Calls on DIS, Short 1/24 $90 Puts on DIS, Long 1/24 $62.50 Calls on DOCU, Short 1/24 $62.50 Puts on DOCU, Long 1/24 $170 Calls on SE, Short 1/24 $170 Puts on SE, Various private real estate investments and investment funds

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
George Washington University, UCLA Law School, Johns Hopkins
Job Title
Fool One Guide, Home Fool, Stock Advisor Contributor, Fool Live Contributor
Former Jobs


Personal Quote:
Life isn't fair, but it is interesting.
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