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General Information

Jim Crumly
Fool Since:
October 22 1999
LTInvestorJim (12/9/2014), jcrumly (6/1/2008)
Where I Live:
Boise, Idaho
Where I Grew Up:
Palo Alto, California

Investing Basics

Investing Experience:
Risk Tolerance:
Investing Style:
Long-Term Buy to Hold
Portfolio Size:
Large (12 or more Stocks)
Types of Investments:
I have two stock portfolios, one for growth and one for income. For the growth portfolio I look primarily for companies that are well-managed and can sustain >12% top-line growth for many years. For the income portfolio, I mainly try to find companies that provide safe income streams that grow faster than inflation.
Stocks I Own:
AAPL, ABNB, ADYE.Y, AXON, ABBV, ABT, ALGN, ALNY, AMD, AMT, AMZN, ARCE, ASML, BAC, BEPC, BKNG, BL, BMTX, BMY, BNTX, BOC, BROS, CCI, CHS, CLPT, CMBM, CMG, CMPS, COST, CPNG, CRM, CRAI, CRWD, CURLF, CVS, CVX, CWH, DFH, DIS, DOCN, DOCU, DOW, DXCM, ENB, ETSY, FLGT, FUBO, GH, GNRC, GOOG, GS, GTBIF, HD, HNST, HPQ, HRL, ICHR, IIPR, INS, INTC, INTU, ISDR, ISRG, JNJ, KNSA, KNSL, LAND, LLY, LMND, LOB, LRCX, LULU, MASS, MELI, MGNI, MQ, MRK, MRNA, MSFT, MTH, MU, NEE, NET, NOW, NVCR, NYT, O, OKTA, OM, PANW, PAYC, PFE, PGNY, PLD, PYPL, RBLX, REGN, ROIC, ROKU, SBUX, SE, SGEN, SHOP, SIVB, SIX, SMID, SONO, STOR, TDG, TDOC, TEAM, TGT, TRTN, TSLA, TTC, TTD, TWLO, UNP, UPST, VEEV, VINP, VRTX, VZ, WBA, WCC, WD, WFCF, WORK, WSM, Z, ZTS, FADMX, FGMNX, FLTB, FNMIX, FTBFX, BSJN, BSJP, BSJR, MINT, ELD, DODIX, LSGLX, SWVXX, VCSH, Long Jan 2024 $100 calls on DIS, Long Jan 2024 $40 calls on INTC, Short July 2022 $48 calls on NYT, Short July 2022 $45 puts on BROS, Short Sept 2022 $37.50 puts on SIX, Short August 2022 puts on DOCN, Short August 2022 $30 puts on DOCS, Short August $38 calls on HPQ, Short Sept 2022 $65 puts on DOCU, Short August 2022 $39 calls on HPQ, Short Sept 2022 $25 puts on CWH, Short Oct 2022 $40 calls on RBLX, Short Sept $12.50 calls on MGNI, Short Sept 2022 $20 puts on SIX.

Investing Favorites

I try not to fall in love with any of them!
The Economist, Forbes.
In the investment world: Louis Rukeyser, Sir John Templeton, Kenneth Fisher, Warren Buffett, James O'Shaughnessy, Vitaliy Katsenelson, the Gardner bro's.

Investing Expertise

My Area of Expertise:
Being an engineer, I suppose I know a thing or two about technology. But I find the fact that I worked in a technology company for 34 years has been most beneficial in understanding the strengths and weaknesses of companies and how they are managed. I started investing in individual stocks in 1967 with money from my paper route, matched by my father. I've been invested in equities continually since then. I've listened to a lot of conference calls and read a lot of SEC filings.
Greatest Investment:
Worst Investment:
Whatever it was, I've blotted it out from my memory by now.

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Stanford University, BS and MS in Electrical Engineering
Former Jobs
Spent 34 years in a major technology company in engineering and management positions.


My Interests:
Backpacking, fly fishing, genealogy, history, foreign cultures, technology, investing (of course!)
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