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(1) bye! (2) Reality is one must find intellectual truths,, instead of living in emotional globbygluck. -- susan400 (3) The existance of [listed] options doesn't create edge, in fact it can create unedge, by people getting lulled into strategies where they have not thought it all through. -- susan400 (4) It doesn't matter crap what anyone thinks or measures, what matters is what is... -- susan400 (5) Republican's mind tend to see too little and don't risk enough or miss good risks..that hurts them...liberal minds imagine anything or have high degrees of sympathy and take too much risk or give up at the wrong time, that hurts them... -- susan400 (5) well I don't give a rat's asss what you think of my understanding is of the insurance industry. -- susan400 (6) Silver is just metal, nothing special, as mankind advances in a capitalistic system, returns go to those who risk capital in pursuit of making lives better, they don't go to those miserly trying to protect what they have. -- susan400 (7) character it matters ... -- susan400 (8) Its easy to be dark, harder to be bright -- susan400 (9) the largest individual account I ever saw up close, had made two trades in his life that accounted for 97% of his activity, he purchased a stock in the early 70s, added to it in 1987, and owned it. The guy was smart , so smart he never fell for those who thought they were supersmart. Net worth 1/2 aprox a billion. -- susan400 (10) [BRK board post 71407 by susan400] (11) If you borrow big pretending to be AAA when you are really A, chances are that error ensuresw you are on your way to the Bs .. -- susan400 (12) The world needs a more responsible populace. -- susan400 (13) I guess if you are going to commit a crime, make it a big one in case you get away with it. -- susan400 (14) Markets go up and down. That is my proclamation!!! -- susan400 (15) are you confusing results with philosophy? a good philosophy pays in the long term. and expects negative results year to year, . . . do the other trees feel for the tree that fell . -- susan400 (16) we have no control over what happens, but the worse things get the better they are . -- susan400 (17) the fault dear public is not , but in theyself .. -- susan400 (18) Either your mind is run by the market ( which invites death ) or you are outside of it and allocate capital, the real function. -- susan400 (19) WB and others are not what they are because, people bid up stks, they are what they are because people are dumb. -- susan400 (20) PLEASE GO short. who the freak cares what the SnP does? what is its intrinsic va.lue? -- susan400 (21) The essense of buying an investment isn't because it will go up, it is a risk, with an outcome range, that may be worth taking. --susan400 (22) this guy was all candor, / trading ?? is investing? he laughed and laughed, / he said trading is entertaiment not Investing . (23) The post just striied my thoughts, / why do we charge good capitalists so much, / and not punish bad ones. -- susan400 (24) sin is the difference between what we are and what we could be. -- susan400 (25) Idon't write my posts to be intelligible, I just write them with the time I have. -- susan400 (26) who would hire a Tom Gardner " 2000 ' just buy lots of stocks and retire early! ". for anything? -- susan400 (27) a bunch of people outbidding oneanother doesn't create intrinsic value. -- susan400 (28) Indexing is not a bad thing but too much collectively and it turns sour. -- susan400 (29) the NYSE is a whore house. -- susan400 (30) bad principles bring bad results evertually. -- susan400 (31) [post 83535 on the Berkshire board] (32) A strong view submitted this Friday eve under the influence. -- susan400 (post 86585) (32) Are there universal truths? YES and no less there are universal falsehoods. --susan400 (33) why wouldn't the climate change some? It always has. --susan400 (34) many MF articles are filled with misconceptions, things that appeal to what one's wishes, but don't exist. --susan400 (35) I am often wrong!!! --susan400 (36) One myst decide whom they are,, and be that and accept the consquences. --susan400 (37) Real question , what are people that wrong doing running a investment publishing site. -- susan400 (38) Only ONLY those who possess, net edge and, are so humble, they barley know it, will find the keks to great compounded returns. anyone ANYONE, who is SURE, they are clever, isn't. Period.. take it or leave it,,.... (39) I am looking for opinions of what might happen to Wesco when Munger is no longer on this earth. Got to love the guy in allways butis it possible that he is so ornery,and so deathly sober, that talents that would be important to the company in suscession, might have bee scared off overtime. [n.b. no one answered this post . . .] -- susan400 (40) data over dogma. --susan400 (41) TMF was as caught up in the falseness of the net bubble as anyone. Never sell!! Etc. Educate ? Empower? I would say it did the reverse to many. -- susan400 (42) You are assuming others think like you. Not true, and there are TWO sides to every trade. --susan400 (43) Sorry, I am not paid to post here and will post as I do. --susan400 (44) Has the self-absorbed generation topped yet ?> --susan400 (45) guy [Jim Cramer] is a complete back of the county fair terrible entertainer (46) luv it when tye say " group may explore strategic alternatives" =s in deep dodo. --susan400 (47) brokers are salesmen, mistaking them for investment advisors is a common mistake. --susan400 (48) stk are up 25fOLD in 30 yrs, gold is up .7fold. --susan400 (49) the world is filled with zombies, with no networths, commenting on WB. --susan400
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