Todd Wenning

General Information

Todd Wenning
Fool Since:
June 29 2006
TMFPhila (1/10/2012), XMFPhila (5/5/2008)
Where I Live:

Investing Basics

Types of Investments:
Dividend payers of all sizes, small cap value
Stocks I Own:
(US-listed): PG, JNJ, AFSI, DHIL, INTC, GSK, ABT, BRK-B, EXPD /// (UK-listed): All Dividend Edge recommendations

Investing Favorites


Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
Saint Joseph's University (Phila)
Job Title
Equity Analyst
Former Jobs
Advisor, MF Dividend Edge; Analyst, MF Pro


Personal Quote:
Luke 12:48, "For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required."
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Benjamin Franklin
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Cincinnati Bengals - Who Dey?! , St. Joe's Hawks
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Ludwig Van
Great Books Read Recently:
Unheard: A Memoir of Deafness and Africa, by Josh Swiller

An Interview with XMFPhila100

Last updated: 3/9/2010
The Fool:
Does ethics or 'socially responsible investing' have a place in your investment approach? How so? How not?
Someone, somewhere can find something in a company 10-K to morally disagree with, whether it's farm subsidies, cell phone radiation, whatever. As an investor, if you seek out potential moral flaws with each company you research, you'll find them. Instead, I want to identify companies with good values -- those that truly improve the lives of its consumers, for it'll be these companies that have sustainability.
The Fool:
Your most heroic moment in life?
Any "heroic" thing I've ever done pales in comparison to the heroism we witnessed by the NYPD, FDNY, and Port Authority on 9/11. I would be a fool (lower case "f") to think I've ever been a hero when put in that light.
The Fool:
How do you define success?
If I've helped make other people's dreams come true.
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