Jason Hawthorne

General Information

Jason Hawthorne
Fool Since:
February 8 2008
Where I Live:
Richmond, VA

Investing Basics

Investing Style:
A little bit of all of the above

Education And Work Information

School(s) Attended
University of Florida; University of Miami; James Madison University
Job Title
Vice President
Company / Organization
Bon Secours Health System
Former Jobs
VP - ADP; Master Black Belt - Booz Allen Hamilton, & GE


Personal Quote:
"Don't Confuse Effort with Results"
My Interests:
Triathlons & exercise, learning about behavioral economics and hanging with my wife and step-daughter.
Person(s) I'd Like To Meet:
Bill Gurley
Favorite Restaurants or Foods:
Sushi (Island Way Grille in Clearwater, FL may have the best I've had) and there was a restaurant in Portsmouth, NH called Old Ferry Landing that had the best fried Seafood Platter I've ever had.
Favorite Vacation Spots:
Int'l: Barcelona hands down. Domestic: So and No California coast ... Terranea in SoCal is a very nice resort and the Ritz Carlton at Half Moon Bay was incredible during a recent stay.
Favorite Sports or Teams:
Florida Gators
Favorite Movies:
When Harry Met Sally, The Game (Michael Douglas/Sean Penn), The Smartest Guys in the Room (great documentary about Enron)
Favorite Board Games:
Haven't played board games in forever but I used to spend hours at a time with Strato-Matic baseball.
Favorite Video Games:
Not playing video games now but I used to love the EA Sports NCAA football games.
Favorite Music or Musicians:
Radiohead, Wilco, REM, Ryan Adams, Interpol, Fiona Apple, Arcade Fire, Son Volt
Great Books Read Recently:
Global Capitalism: It's Fall and Rise in the 20th Century; Against the Gods. Recently read Shoe Dog by Phil Knight and it was amazing and a surprisingly introspective and thought-provoking
Book Currently Reading:
Listening to Upstarts by Brad Stone. It's about Uber and AirBnB by the same guy who wrote the Everything Store about Amazon.

An Interview with jbonefish

Last updated: 10/21/2013
The Fool:
What's your favorite Fool message board?
SA Becoming An Investing Master - TMFGebinr's valuation series is a must read
The Fool:
Make a confession.
I am too quick to sell both equity and options positions ... I constantly find myself saying "I wish I had held onto ___"
The Fool:
Given a second chance, what financial decision would you like to do over?
I backed up the truck and bought Thornburg Mortgage early on in the financial crisis ... It was a painful lesson to understand how a company financed itself and what risks were present - even if "unlikely"
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My Story

grew up in Virginia, Political Science degree at James Madison University but partied too much, worked at a law firm and then went back to school and got a Mechanical Engineering degree at Univ. of Florida, GE Management program and lived in NH, IA, IL, NC, FL. MBA then mgmt consulting at Booz Allen in DC then the human capital field at ADP. I am now leading quality, safety, process improvement and analytics for a non-profit healthcare system.

How I Invest

Three approaches: 1 - buy small position in companies positioned for an inevitable future (more data, genomic science, drones, transparency, digital payments) 2 - buy positions in companies who appear to be well-managed and are small enough to take share from larger more bloated competitors (disruptors) 3 - buy large positions in companies with exceptional moats due to network effects or capital intensity (cell phone towers, railroads, payment networks) I also try to find selective moments to short the SPY through puts to hedge against short term overvaluation (this hasn't worked so well)