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If anyone visits this board and wonders what DASTY
(Dassault Systemes Internationale) is about one needs to check out the IBM connection and their work with CAD/CAM/EnoviaPDM & CATIA for various industries. They are strong in aerospace, shipbuilding, and automotive design and engineering software. A link with further info is at:

Also note the Business Wire article re: DASTY on 3/3/00

DASTY has been trading above $100.00 recently and is a company to take notice of IMHO. Happy investing!

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Good for you! I've been watching DASTY for a while as well as how it compares to the other players within the market. As long at it has IBM's marketing push behind it, I think it is a long term player.

Recently though it seems to be holding between the $100 - $110 mark. Any thoughts to this?

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Hi Happy,
Thanks for your response. I have no specific answer to your inquiry.

I came to be aware of this company through my daughter, a former IBMer. When DASTY bought the ENOVIA line from IBM, she was one of the 40 employees that went with the package. They have strong links to IBM,
and are still in Charlotte, NC.

Enovia, ranked between 3rd & 4th in its field of 6-8 (per data I saw in one publication), may be poised to move higher in the next year or so.

Of course, there are many players under the DASTY umbrella and they probably have some things coming down the pike from several of those. What has caused the stock increase this quarter and why it hovers where the stock is is beyond me. IMHO the stock, being French, is relatively unknown (judging from the few posts) and hasn't caught the attention of many investors in the USA. It certainly seems like a stable company and is involved in major high tech software development for large performance industries. What is your take on this?

I certainly support your theory of a long term player.
I'm in for a long ride and will add more on the dips.
Happy investing!

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