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Hi all:

Management at PSFT looks like it's going after a more
"corporate" environment, much to the alleged chagrin
of at least some employees.

Any of you industry types know anything about this?

What (if anything) does this tell us about management
at PSFT?

Here's a snippet from the article:

Managers issued a policy last week that, with certain exceptions, requires employees to work between the core hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and limits telecommuting to employees who live outside the vicinity of its Pleasanton headquarters.

For any other business, such a policy might not raise any eyebrows. But for many employees at PeopleSoft, a software company renowned for its people-soft attitude, the announcement has come as a sharp blow.

"It's very tense," said one PeopleSoft employee who spoke on condition of anonymity. "It's such a little thing, but it's had a devastating effect on the company."
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Isn't it PeopleSoft that has the ad that shows the guy brushing his teeth at his desk?

While that implies a certain commitment on the part of the staff, this policy seems to clash pretty strongly with that image. In my view, the fact that PS thinks it needs such a policy seems to imply that there are problems, either with staff who take telecommuting as an opportunity to slack off, or with management, who on an individual basis, have not been competent in managing telecommuting staff. Or, possibly worst of all, the policy is driven by some bureaucratic need for control, regardless of productivity and dedication.

Whatever the reason, this is the sort of thing that I'd hate to see coming out of a company I held shares of.

I do not own PSFT, and haven't really been that interested in them,
but I sure do detest bureaucracy.

== dj
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I do not own PSFT, and haven't really been that interested in them, but I sure do detest bureaucracy.

Well, i wouldn't base any decision on an advertisement seen on television. The proof that is in the pudding for PeopleSoft is that they partnered with and filled the IBM niche. We've seen the strength in that decision with the IBM sales staff for Siebel and the revenue increase for PeopleSoft of late is a decision that the PSFT shop chose as an important strategy for porting their products and grabbing a realistic niche opportunity. On a global basis, the real choice of the IBM shop connection or the Oracle connection offers end customers two realistic avenues. Depends on how we all feel about Oracle, but it is nice to see a reversal of fortune for the revamped, retooled and energized PeopleSoft company. It's been interesting to see the drive and determination of companies like PeopleSoft, Manugistics and SAP of late to improve their execution and strategy.


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