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For anyone looking for an attainable and quick 2021 tax deferral strategy, check out Belpointe PREP LLC, a new publicly traded Opportunity Fund ( Ticker: OZ). CNBC just carried a commercial for OZ, which only started trading today. Having invested in a couple Opportunity Funds over the years, the benefits I see here are: 1) no private broker, private fund paper work, no middle man fees; 2) daily visibility of the size and value of investment right in your brokerage account, and; 3) quarterly statements that are regulated and on time! Maybe we don't have to ask for tax extensions to wait for those pesky K1's too; and 4) no minimum investment versus $25k-$100k in private funds (outside of crowdsourced). Things to be mindful of: 1) amount of tax deferral is limited to any amount of capital gains you have realized in the last 180 days, and would like to defer taxes on; 2) discipline needed to not sell your shares...3) among noise as the public nature opens up the investment to traders and short term fluctuations; 4) what am I missing?

More about Opportunity Zones:

More on Belpointe:

No affiliation or benefit received, just excited. One trading day left in the year! #OpportunityZone #taxstrategy #realestate
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Thank you, thank you, thank you NatFidlow!

I am searching for a QOZ Fund that has a low minimum investment and great transparency. I would really like an analyst like M. Frankel or Deirdre Wollard to look into Belpointe PREP LLC (OZ) and address the pros and cons in a future Millionacres podcast. The first and only publicly traded QOZ Fund is unprecedented and deserves some coverage.
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