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Public spoke

Guess we find out in Nov what they are thinking again ....

As we know from the Last election .... They lie in Polls


Public spoke. That's right. Well, about half of them did. And half of them, a full quarter of the voting public, brought the current catastrophe on the remainder. I'm not whining: I am merely stating facts, bears. Too bad we can't get the other half to take their plight more seriously. Unfortunately we have an 'all or none' system that naturally lends itself to abuses by the party in the majority. As the Republicans have so aptly demonstrated over the last five years, this system, like the Electoral College, is outdated and inadequate to our rapidly changing political needs. It will not be changed, however, and the voters of the country will have to adapt themselves.

The state and local governments are one side of the equation. The Federal government is the other. The Feds get most of the attention here, generate most of the sound and thunder. State and local governments change rather slowly over time, I think. I suspect that they change more with population than by ideological impulse. Washington State is largely liberal because there are more liberals in Western Washington than there are conservatives in the East. I believe that the governorships are beginning to swing towards the Democrats. I don't know a lot about local governments at the county level.

The Federal government can change quite rapidly as witnessed in 1994 and with the presidential election of 2000. Congressional districts are subject to gerrymandering: witness the recent efforts by the infamous Bugman in Texas. This can have profound effects on how the 'will of the people' is actually manifested. Witness further the results of the presidential election of 2000 in Florida and that of 2004 in Ohio. A few votes here and there, honest or manipulated can profoundly alter the outcome. You do not strike me as a naive man, bears. However, I find your dismissive 'The people have spoken' routine to be more than a little facile and disingenuous. In fact, the vote is frequestly manipulated. There is substantial evidence that the presidential election of 1960 was decided by electoral fraud in the wards of Chicago. U.S. history is replete with examples of electoral fraud. In fact, the people have probably not had their say. The Republicans have just gotten better at cheating than the Democrats......for the time being. There is huge degree of hysteresis built into the system: a tweak here and a tweak there can profoundly alter the outcome of an election, particularly large-scale elections where the contestants are apt to be close in a winner-takes-all game.

I do not deny that the country has had a swing to the Right. Again, history is replete with generational swings in voter mood. I suspect that 2004 will prove to be the maximum rightward excursion of the political mood of the country. There are signs writ large on the political wall that the electorate is tired of the current political climate and regime.

Unfortunately the Democrats face two huge hurdles in their attempt to regtain political strength. The first is electoral fraud. The second is a woeful lack of credible candidates.

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