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Good grief....

Is this change for change's sake? What was wrong with thngs the way they were?

Having just got used to the fact that it's virtually impossible to locate a Community discussion board for a new stock, I now sign on this morning to find everything else has moved about. Seriously, after more than 20 years as an IT consultant I think I can say with a huge degree of confidence that what people want is not "new and shiny" but "it worked yesterday so leave it alone so that it will work again today".

PLEASE just put everything back where it was so that I can find things quickly and easily and don't have to waste bits of my life looking for things that were easy to find yesterday.
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Could you be more specific? I just got online but don’t see anything different.

Who notes sometimes what is old and comfortable isn’t sustainable...
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Everything seems to be working fine for me too. Occasionally things go crazy, but not very often on TMF.

it's virtually impossible to locate a Community discussion board for a new stock

I presume you know to put the ticker symbol in the box at the bottom of your screen to find existing boards.

There is a tab at the top of your screen to start a new board. I find TMF very open to start new boards. We were able to start the Facebook board before they IPOd or had a ticker.

Once you start a new board, its up to you to publicize it to get it established and build some traffic. That usually requires notes on a few of the active boards to let folks know.

And I suppose you know that most stocks are listed on CAPs and have comments from interested investors. Its not a discussion site but it is possible to monitor what others think about the stock.
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If you're looking for the public company or cultural boards, you can go to If you are a Premium Service member, the Premium Boards for all premium service companies can be found here:

If you are looking for the premium boards for companies recommended in a particular service, you can go to that service's Community tab and scroll down to the Talk About Foolish Companies. You can also see all the service's other Community boards on that page.

And if you have favorited a set of boards, you can find them by selecting My Favorites from the My Fool menu at the top of the page. I also use as a quick way to get to my favorited boards with new messages.

Who hopes these tips help you find your way around a little better..

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Yes, I have tried putting the ticker in the box at the bottom of the screen to search for an existing board. Just ried it with TLK and all it shows me is posts from 2012 and earlier. Are there really no newer posts than that for this company? If so, where are they being hidden?
It used to be very easy - a recommendation came out, you clicked the Community tab and then could scroll through all the company tickers. You don't seem to be able to do that any more.
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Hi Wuff3t,

This is a public side board. So, when you do a ticker search, it takes you to a public side stock board. The public TLK board was idle for more than 2 years, so it was automatically closed.

The Premium side Stock board for TLK can be found here --

The Premium side help board can be found here --

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