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I'm nearly 29 and am starting to think seriously about my opportunities to retire early.

I have 4.5k in 401(k), 12K in IRA, and 4.5K in a Roth. My income is 65K, and I'm contributing 10% to 401k at this time (company adds 2%, too). I have about 18K in stocks & cash.

My monthly living expenses are less than $300--I rent and have absolutely no debt.

I feel like I'm doing pretty well, but I still think I need some serious advice and guidance. Most of my retirement dollars are in the S&P index funds.

Any help?
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You seem to be well on your way to early retirement. You have so far established a savings discipline and managed to stay out of debt. At this point you have a net worth of about 0.5 years gross income. To retire early on investments you will need 20 to 25 yrs of gross income invested and ideally want to own a home debt free. So set your plans accordingly.

Early in careers, many times income is relatively low. As you gain experience, often your income rises. It then becomes easier to increase your rate of savings.

I would suggest you set down with pencil and paper or spreadsheet program and estimate what it will take to reach 25 yrs gross income in savings in what time frame. You will probably need to increase your rate of savings to achieve that. You will also need to invest for growth--especially in the early stages. If you manage to save one-third of gross income, you should be able to retire in about 20 years.

Best of luck to you.
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