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Q. Is the oracle the "mother" of the matrix that Sanders referred to? Is she evil?

A. It is unclear whether Sanders really meant the oracle.

Unclear to you, perhaps, but i fail to see any other possibility. The Oracle is a program, part of the system. Her present function is to find The One in each version of the Matrix and speed him on his way back to The Source. She is the mother of the Matrix. Quite simple really. If it turns out i'm wrong, i'll owe you a beer.

Q. How does Neo stop all the sentinels at the end?

A. There are two theories we came up with, neither of which is necessarily right. The first is that Agent Smith transferred some of his mind/abilities into Neo when he tried to replicate himself, so now Neo's mind is sort of hooked into the master computer telepathically.

Buddy of mine came up with another. He swears that when Neo kisses Monica Belluci, there is the distinct sound of a "blurdeep" or some kind of "download" noise. He thinks it's Monica sending some kind of program or power to him.

The second theory I think is much more interesting: at the end of the movie, they are all STILL IN THE MATRIX.

I've heard this one, and i too find it interesting. Though my buddy who came up with the Belluci Hypothesis thinks it would be a total cop out. He just about has me persuaded to his point of view. As you said, it would be cliche.

Q. Is everyone in Zion dead at the end of the movie?

A. That's not clear to me.

It seemed pretty clear to me. The guys went out in ships to fight the sentinels, but humanized Agent Smith detonated the machine zapper bomb too soon so that their defense was crushed. Crushed defense equals dead Zionites. Somehow one ship squeaked through, found Agent Smith "unconscious," headed away from Zion, and found the crew of the Nebuchadnezzar trotting around on the surface. That ship now contains the only humans left who are free from the Matrix. Everyone still in the Matrix is still alive, of course.

Q. Who the hell was that French guy?

A. I have no clue at all. Maybe he's a human in the Matrix, who just likes having power even if it's imaginary.

I have clues, but the ultimate answer cannot be known until Revolutions. One big clue is in the Oracle's conversation with Neo on the bench. She tells him to find the Merovingion. Furthermore, she explains that he is a really, really old program that has been around longer than everything he sees around him (or something to that effect). In other words, she seems to be saying he's a renegade program that has somehow survived multiple versions of the Matrix. But keep in mind that everything she tells him is simply what she thinks he needs to hear in order to get what he needs to make it to the source and reload the program. So we can't really trust her.

My buddy (presenter of the Belucci Hypothesis) pointed out the scene in the bathroom when she's fawning over Neo and cussing out the Merovingion. She says M has changed, that he used to be just like Neo. A previous "One" perhaps? Somehow corrupted? That would explain her attraction to Neo, as the newest One. Dunno.

Q. What is the movie's position on religion?

A. This is a puzzle.

NPR says the most dominant religious themes are that of Gnosticism and Buddhism. Gnosticism is almost universally regarded as heresy by mainstream Christians. See

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