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The Knot (KNOT)
Price $11.65

10Q 1st quarter 2008
Revenues $12.91 million a 16.5% increase over Q1 2007
TTM Revenues $51.168 million or $1.57 per share
EPS $0.02
TTM EPS $0.33
Cash $49.870 million
Debit $55,000
Diluted number of shares 32.613 million
Trading range from 3/31/2008 to 5/8/2008 was $10.28 to $12.12
PE range 31.15 to 36.72
PS range 6.5 to 7.7

I still like The Knot. They are not incurring debt and are increasing revenues and running a profit. I also like that they have decreased the number of diluted shares. Last quarter their PE range was 29 to 44 now it is 31 to 37 they are trading in about the same range. I would like to see growth in EPS. I believe that it is coming and the company is poised for the future. When the economy begins to recover and more people have funds for larger weddings and the stress of an economic down turn allows for people to focus on relationships again instead of a paycheck or their home, then KNOT will begin to catch up EPS to stock price and then we will get growth. Until then I am holding and accumulating as the price decreases as I am sure it will with worse than expected EPS for the 1st quarter.

Just throwing a dart

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