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Market: Nasdaq

2) ABOUT QUALCOMM,1581,,00.html

QUALCOMM Incorporated is a leader in developing, delivering, and enabling innovative digital wireless communications products and services based on the Company's digital technologies. As the pioneer of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA), the technology of choice for next-generation wireless communications, QUALCOMM continues to lead the industry in the development of voice, data, and wireless Internet products and solutions. QUALCOMM is also transforming industries through its various satellite businesses and technology partnerships.
Today, QUALCOMM is an industry-leading technology company dedicated to growing the wireless industry through technology licensing, CDMA chipsets and system software, satellite-based systems, and new innovations in wireless data products and applications. QUALCOMM's CDMA technology has been licensed to over 75 leading communications manufacturers worldwide. And due to its unsurpassed voice quality, system capacity, privacy and flexibility, CDMA is the recognized global standard for next-generation, digital wireless communications products and services.

2a) Awards and Honors,1572,,00.html

QUALCOMM's awards and honors include:
The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America™
FORTUNE's 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in America™
FORTUNE 500® (1999-2000)
The FORTUNE e-50
The ASAP Dynamic 100
Forbes Platinum 400
The Forbes Platinum List
Business Week Information Technology 100
Business Week "Hottest of the Hot"
The Business Week Global 1000
Industry Week's 100 Best Managed Companies
Top 100 Companies to Excel in the 21st Century
S&P 500 Index
NASDAQ 100 Index
Deloitte & Touche 500 Fastest Growing Technology Companies
Electronic Business Top 200 Companies

2b) Meet the Executives,1686,,00.html

Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs
Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

DR. IRWIN MARK JACOBS co-founded QUALCOMM Incorporated in July of 1985 and currently serves as the Company's chairman and CEO. Under his leadership, QUALCOMM has been selected as a FORTUNE 500 company, included in the S&P 500 Index and traded on the The Nasdaq Stock Market®.

Previously, Dr. Jacobs founded LINKABIT, which merged with M/A-COM in August 1980.

From 1959 to 1966, Dr. Jacobs was an Assistant/Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and from 1966 to 1972 he was a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).

Dr. Jacobs received the B.E.E. degree in 1956 from Cornell University and the M.S. and Sc.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1957 and 1959, respectively.

Dr. Jacobs was recently awarded the Ernst & Young Information Technology Award for Global Integration by the Computerworld Smithsonian Award Program for outstanding contributions to global integration through the use of information technology. In 1994 Dr. Jacobs received the National Medal of Technology Award, which is the highest award bestowed by the President of the United States for extraordinary achievements in the commercialization of technology or the development of human resources that foster technology commercialization.


3a) About CDMA,1704,,00.html

QUALCOMM's pioneering Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology has forever changed the course of communications. The basis of the worldwide wireless industry's cdmaOne™ family of systems, CDMA is enabling exciting new products and services, from Palm-size phones to satellite communications. Globally, commercial CDMA networks serve tens of millions of subscribers -- and growing. CDMA is the technology of choice for the next generation of wireless communications.

Technology Glossary,1704,35,00.html

Benefits of CDMA
There are many reasons CDMA is the technology of choice for next generation digital wireless communications products and services:

Outstanding Voice and Call Quality
CDMA filters out background noise, cross-talk, and interference so you can enjoy crystal-clear voice quality, greater privacy, and enhanced call quality. QUALCOMM's CDMA variable rate vocoder translates voice into digital transmissions, zeroes and ones, at the highest translation rates possible (8kbps or 13kbps). This allows for crystal clear voice and also maximizes your system capacity.

Greatest Coverage for Lower Cost
CDMA's spread spectrum signal provides the greatest coverage in the wireless industry, allowing networks to be built with far fewer cell sites than is possible with other wireless technologies. Fewer cell sites translates to reduced operating expenses, which results in savings to both operators and consumers.

Packet Data
CDMA networks are built with standard IP packet data protocols. Other networks require costly upgrades to add new packet data equipment in the network and will require new packet data phones. Standard cdmaOne phones already have TCP/IP and PPP protocols built into them.

Longer Talk Time, Longer Battery Life and Smaller Phones
You can leave your phone on with CDMA. CDMA uses power control to monitor the amount of power your system and handset need at any time. CDMA handsets typically transmit at the lowest power levels in the industry, allowing for longer battery life which results in longer talk time and standby time. CDMA handsets can also incorporate smaller batteries, resulting in smaller, lighter-weight phones. Easier to carry. Easier to use.

Fewer Dropped Calls
CDMA's patented "soft handoff," method of passing calls between cells sharply reduces the risk of disruption or dropped calls during a handoff. The process of soft handoff leads to fewer dropped calls as 2 or 3 cells are monitoring your call at any given time.

Improved Security and Privacy
CDMA's digitally encoded, spread spectrum transmissions resist eaves dropping. Designed with about 4.4 trillion codes, CDMA virtually eliminates cloning and other types of fraud.

Greater Capacity
CDMA allows the largest number of subscribers to share the same radio frequencies, helping service providers increase their profitability. CDMA uses spread spectrum technology which can provide up to 10-20 times the capacity of analog equipment and more than three times the capacity of other digital platforms. With dual-mode phones, CDMA is compatible with other technologies for seamless widespread roaming coverage.

Reduced Background Noise and Interference
CDMA combines multiple signals and improves signal strength. This leads to the near elimination of interference and fading. Both electrical background noise (computer noise) and acoustic background noise (background conversations) are filtered out by using narrow bandwidth which corresponds to the frequency of the human voice. This keeps background noise out of your conversations.

Rapid Deployment
CDMA systems can be deployed and expanded faster and more cost effectively than most wireline networks. And because they require fewer cell sites, CDMA networks can be deployed faster than other types of wireless networks.

Wide Product Selection
QUALCOMM has licensed CDMA technology to over 75 leading communications manufacturers worldwide, enabling service providers and customers to choose from a wide range of highly advanced, cost-competitive, CDMA-based products.

Continuing Advances
CDMA technology enables users to access a wide range of new services, including caller identification, short messaging services and Internet connections. Simultaneous voice and data calls are also possible using CDMA technology.

Continuing Technology Advances
The world's most advanced digital wireless technology, QUALCOMM's third-generation CDMA is also the standard for the wireless industry. This flexible standard functions in three modes -- Multi-Carrier, Direct Spread, and Time Division Duplex -- and operates with ANSI-41 and GSM-MAP networks. With CDMA as the industry's single standard, carriers across the globe benefit from greater choice in equipment, lower prices, and the ability to deploy equipment and services faster than ever before. Next generation products can benefit from current products cost curves resulting in lower costs for both operators and consumers.

3b) Qualcomm Authorised Suppliers,1831,,00.html

As part of QUALCOMM's strategy to generate royalty revenues and support worldwide adoption of its CDMA technology, the Company authorizes third parties to design, manufacture and sell products utilizing its CDMA technology. The following table lists the majority of QUALCOMM's current authorized CDMA suppliers:

COM DEV International Ltd, Cisco Systems, Fujitsu Limited, GBase Communications, Great Dragon Telecom, Hitachi Ltd, Hughes Network Systems Inc, Hynix Semiconductor Inc, Kisan Telecom Co., Ltd, LG Electronics, Lucent Technologies Inc, Matsushita Electronics Components Co Ltd , Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Motorola Inc, NEC Corporation, NORTEL Networks Corporation, Nokia, Samsung Electronics Co, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, ZTE Corporation
Cable & Repeaters
CI Wireless, Transcept
Subscriber Equipment
Acer Communications and Multimedia Inc, AirPrime Inc, Alps Electric Co Ltd, Appeal Telecom Co Ltd, Axesstel Inc, Bellwave Co Ltd, COM DEV International Ltd, Casio Computer Co Ltd, Cherish Telecom Co Ltd, Compal Electronics Inc, Cyberlane Inc, Denso Corporation, ETRONICS Corp, Fujitsu Limited, GTRAN Inc, Garmin Corporation, Glenayre Electronics Inc, Handspring Inc, Hanwha Corporation, High Tech Computer Corporation, Hitachi Kokusai Electric Inc, Hitachi Ltd, Hughes Network Systems Inc, Hynix Semiconductor Inc, INTERCUBE, Kenwood Corporation, Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., Kyocera Corporation, LG Electronics Inc, Lucent Technologies Inc, Matsushita Communication Industrial Co Ltd, Matsushita Electronic Components Co Ltd, Maxon Telecom Co Ltd, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Motorola Inc, NEC Corporation, NG Industrial Ltda, NeoPoint Inc, Nokia, Novatel Wireless Inc, Oki Electric Industry Co Ltd., Pantech Co Ltd, Qualified Mobile Telecommunications, Research In Motion, SK Telecom Co Ltd, Samsung Electronics Co, Sanyo Electric Co Ltd, Seiko Instruments Inc, Sharp Corporation, Siemens Rolm Communications Inc, Sierra Wireless Inc, Sony Corporation, Synertek Inc- Sewon Co Ltd- Standard Telecom Co Ltd- Telson Electronics Co Ltd- Wide Telecom Co Ltd, Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson, Teleion Wireless, Tellus Technology, Telson Information & Communications Co Ltd, Toshiba Corporation, Uniden Corporation, United Computer & Telecommunication Inc, Westech Korea, YISO Telecom Co Ltd, ZTE Corporation, eAnywhere Tech Inc.
Subscriber Equipment (Globalstar)
Telefonaktieboaget LM Ericsson, Tellit Mobile Terminals S.p.A.
Koninklijke Philips Electronics N.V., LSI Logic Corporation, PrairieComm Incorporated, Texas Instruments
Test Equipment
Acterna, Advantest Corporation, Agilent Technologies Inc, Allen Telecom Group (Grayson Electronics Company), Ando Electric Co Ltd, Anritsu Corporation, Comarco Wireless Technologies Inc, Hewlett-Packard Company, IFR Systems Inc, Japan Radio Company Ltd, LCC Corporation, Matsushita Electronics Components Co Ltd, Motorola Inc, Racal Instruments Ltd, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co, Rotadata Limited, Sage Instruments, Spirent Communications, Tektronix Inc, Telefonaktieboaget LM Ericsson, Willtech
Research & Development
Beijing Telecommunications Equipment Factory, Chunghwa Telecom Laboratories, Datang Telecom Technology Co Ltd, Eastern Communications Co Ltd, Great Dragon Telecom, Hangzhou Unitop Electric Co, Hisense Group Co Ltd, Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, LT Netcomm (S.H.) Co Ltd, Langchao Group, Ningbo Bird Co Ltd, Xiamen Overseas Chinese Electronic Co Ltd, ZTE Corporation

3c) About 1xEV

QUALCOMM continues to lead the industry with the development of a versatile wireless internet solution: High Data Rate (HDR), a cost effective, high-speed, high-capacity wireless technology. The HDR system is optimized for packet data services, with a flexible architecture based on IP protocols. HDR can overlay an existing wireless network or work as a stand-alone system. HDR unleashes Internet access by providing up to 2.4 Mbps in a standard bandwidth 1.25 MHz channel that is unprecedented in systems capable of fixed, portable and mobile services.

The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) recently adopted a specification based on HDR, know as TIA/EIA/IS-856 "CDMA2000, High Rate Packet Data Air Interface Specification". This is also known as 1xEV. The 1xEV specification was developed by the Third Generation Partnership Project 2 (3GPP2), a partnership consisting of five telecomnunications standards bodies: CWTS in China, ARIB and TTC in Japan, TTA in Korea and TIA in North America. QUALCOMM is pleased to have HDR move forward as 1xEV, part of the CDMA2000 technology family.

QUALCOMM will support the capabilties of 1xEV with chipset and system software solutions for device and infrastructure equipment. QUALCOMM's device offerings provide manufacturers with the most advanced, feature-rich solutions available for high-speed wireless Internet services and support both 1XRTT and 1xEV modes of CDMA2000. Chipset and system software samples are expected to be available in the second quarter of 2001 with production quantities expected in the third quarter of 2001.

The 1xEV technology is so versatile it can be embedded in handsets, laptops, notebooks and other fixed, portable and mobile devices. It can support e-mail, web browsing, e-commerce, telematics and many other applications. Imagine using your laptop to download office files while waiting between planes.

That's just part of what 1xEV offers:
1)Air link provides up to 2.4 Mbps in a dedicated 1.25 MHz channel
2)Packet data design results in greatest spectral efficiency
3)Flexible, IP-based architecture enables multiple implementation methods
4)Compatible with existing CDMA Networks

Operator Benefits
1)1xEV is so flexible, it can be deployed as a stand-alone system, side-by-side with an existing or future voice system, or integrated into a current CDMA voice system. And because it installs easily using off-the-shelf retail components, consumers can set up the technology themselves, allowing operators to reduce costly, on-site service.
2)1xEV is the technology that helps you deliver high-performing, more cost-effective wireless data services to customer around the world.
3)The 1xEV technology is compatible with CDMA voice systems and allows for side-by-side deployment to complement existing cellular/PCS networks. Because 1xEV can share cell sites, towers and antennas of these networks, you'll be able to deploy it more rapidly and get more out of the system you already have.

Consumer Benefits
1)The 1xEV technology is so versatile, it can be embedded in handsets, laptop and notebook computers and other fixed, portable or mobile devices. It can also support e-mail, web browsing, e-commerce, telematics and many other applications.
2)Consumers will love the anywhere, anytime access to e-mail, calendar, files, and other information that 1xEV provides. They'll also enjoy high-speed secure data service, untethered access, convenient "always on" experience, rapid connect time of less than .5 seconds, no external antennas necessary, accommodates dual-mode voice/data service.




3d) Binary Runtime Enviroment For Wirelss (BREW)

About Brew,1817,26,00.html

BREW: Binary Runtime Environment for Wireless -- The BREW platform allows developers to create applications that operate on all handsets with QUALCOMM CDMA chipsets. BREW sits between the chip system software and the application, making the phone's functionality available to the application without requiring the developer to have the chip system source code or even a direct relationship with a device manufacturer.

BREW allows rapid development of a wide variety of small, transportable handset applications that users can download over carrier networks onto any BREW-enabled phone.

QUALCOMM is licensing BREW to handset manufacturers and applications developers free of charge and provides developers with a Windows-based Software Development Kit (SDK) that includes an emulator and several other development tools. Developers click here for an overview of the development process.

The BREW wireless applications platform is the central element of a larger QUALCOMM Internet applications and services strategy by the new QUALCOMM Internet Services division. Click here for more information about QIS.

As new devices and content evolve from the 2.5 and 3G wireless voice and data services, BREW will benefit all members of the CDMA community:

BREW provides a high-level environment that will enable developers -- even those with no background in wireless technology -- to write applications for CDMA handsets without incurring the costs of finding a handset partner and gaining access to chip system software. Because BREW will be supported by every chip QUALCOMM ships, developers will have a single, simple development environment for the rapidly growing CDMA market worldwide. To learn more about CDMA, click here.

BREW can reduce handset manufacturers' software development costs because BREW applications can be put on multiple handset models -- even the least expensive mass-market phones. BREW will shorten handset time to market and allow manufacturers to differentiate their products easily with custom applications. Click here to go directly to the Device Manufacturer page.

BREW will enable the rapid deployment of a rich and differentiated set of data applications and services. Carriers will no longer be limited to offering applications and services through one-size-fits-all browsers. With minimal effort, carriers can identify new services, expand existing services, and offer exclusive BREW applications.

BREW will enable the emergence of a genuinely useful wireless Internet for consumers. They will now have the ability to download, update, and even delete applications from their handsets. BREW brings to wireless devices the choice and control users take for granted on their desktop computers. Email and instant messaging, real-time navigation services, group chat, group games, fast, relevant news and information services tailored to the individual -- the full range of applications and services people have come to expect from the Internet -- will become available to consumers much more rapidly when built on the BREW applications platform. Click here to read about possible applications.
Brew Whitepaper,1817,92,00.html

Fact Sheet,1817,54,00.html

3e)CDMA Technologies (Chipsets and Software)

About QCT, CDMA and Wireless Technologies
QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies (QCT) is a division of QUALCOMM Incorporated—the pioneer and developer of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology. CDMA is the backbone of all 3G and future wireless standards—including CDMA2000, 1xEV/MC, 3G, and WCDMA—and QCT's engineers have more experience in CDMA wireless technologies than anyone else in the world. We want to help everyone—including people who aren't in the wireless industry—to understand wireless so they'll better understand the technologies that will change the way people communicate, work and live.

This area of our site defines wireless acronyms and terminology in general, explains how CDMA and other wireless technologies work, and briefly discusses possible future developments in wireless communications.

Integrated Solutions
QCT offers complete wireless solutions—including integrated circuits, radio and power products, software, development and testing tools and the expertise of experienced design engineers for customer support.

Our integrated solutions decrease our customers' development costs, while enabling mass production of new models in as little as six months. QCT's engineering teams have the most CDMA and 3G design and test experience of any engineering group in the world.

Applications Engineering Team/Customer Service

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies' Applications Engineering Team focuses on enabling our customers to design and build world-class wireless products in the shortest amount of time. We provide customers a full range of support, including access to the full range of technical expertise at QUALCOMM.

Radio and Power Management Solutions

QCT's Radio and Power Management solutions offer the most advanced features and functionality for CDMA-based wireless devices while offering progressive reductions in cost and size over preceding-generation products. Our integrated solution allows our customers to develop cost-effective multi-band and multi-mode handsets in smaller sizes, and to increase talk and standby times in CDMA handsets.

We offer a wide range of innovative RF, IF, and power management products for multi-mode 2G CDMA/FM and 3G handsets, that provide seamless integration with our MSM integrated circuits and software. In addition, we provide development tools to speed product development cycle and help our customers take new technologies to market quickly.

Development Tools

QCT's development tools provide the combination of hardware, software and systems our customers need to shorten time to market for products, create spin-offs from existing designs and differentiate products. We offer a suite of fully tested development tools designed to highlight the advancements of each of our chips, and we provide application support, product training and documentation.

All of our development tools provide critical benchmarks to support customer efforts, and each tool is capable of handling initial system design, debugging and diagnostics. The QCT suite of development tools can help you get to market quickly, with a product that performs flawlessly.

Integrated Circuits

QCT's integrated circuits utilize the most advanced wireless chip design and technologies available in the world today. Our integrated circuits continue to provide the best wireless performance solutions available for CDMA, and now they also provide the best data and position location solutions for everyone. In addition, we offer the first live 3G solutions in the world with our CDMA2000 chipset solutions, and offer our customers a smoother transition to WCDMA from GSM and GPRS with our WCDMA integrated circuits.

In the wireless data arena, our CDMA2000 chipsets are the first to enable wideband Internet access. And our 3G offerings for both CDMA2000 and WCDMA enable advanced multimedia features such as MP3, MIDI, Bluetooth, CMX and more.


QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies software solutions are unmatched. Our design teams developed commercial CDMA, and they work hard to improve the technology through design and software improvements.

When we deliver our software, we deliver it fully tested and working, compatible with, and usually integrated within, our chipsets. We also design software to work with legacy technologies as well as with the most advanced. Then after delivery, our applications engineering support team assists our customers through the hardware design, ensuring the highest quality CDMA software and system performance. Our goal is to help our customers get to market quickly, with products that perform flawlessly.

3f) Digital Media

3g) Digital Cinema

About Digital Cinema

Digital Cinema is a system to deliver full length motion pictures, trailers, advertisements and other audio/visual "cinema-quality" programs to theatres throughout the world using digital technology.

The Digital Cinema system delivers motion pictures that have been digitized, compressed and encrypted to theatres using either physical media distribution (such as DVD-ROMs) or electronic transmission methods, such as via satellite multicast methods.

Authorized theatres automatically receive the digitized programs and store them in hard disk storage while still encrypted and compressed. At each showing, the digitized information is retrieved via a local area network from the hard disk storage, then is decrypted, decompressed and displayed using cinema-quality electronic projectors featuring high quality digital sound.

The Digital Cinema system encompasses many advanced technologies. QUALCOMM is in the unique position of possessing the expertise in all the necessary technologies for the complete Digital Cinema delivery system, including digital compression, electronic security methods, network architectures and management, transmission technologies and cost-effective hardware, software and integrated circuit design.

QUALCOMM has combined its experience in these fields and has developed a system-level approach to the Digital Cinema requirements.

In June 2000 , QUALCOMM and Technicolor formed a joint venture, Technicolor Digital Cinema, to bring this technology to the marketplace.

We've published a number of references to help explain the technology and business of Digital Cinema in our Technical Library.

3h) Core Technologies

3i) Government System

3j) Eudora

Email traffic is on the rise. Eudora is the best email program for people who get lots of email. If you're not one of those people today, you will be soon!

3k) Globalstar

3l) QCTest and Deployment Products,1847,,00.html

QUALCOMM offers a comprehensive suite of QCTest™ and Deployment products developed for cdmaOne, IS-2000, and 1xEV-DO (HDR) over-the-air data collection and analysis. Support of UMTS (WCDMA) will be available soon. These industry-accepted and field-proven products continue to support the design, development, testing and deployment of the latest CDMA infrastructure and subscriber products worldwide.


3m) Qualcomm Ventures

The convergence of wireless technology and the Internet has created numerous opportunities for new enabling technologies and business models to deliver on the ever increasing communication needs of consumers and businesses worldwide. QUALCOMM's experience in Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) technology and the wireless Internet uniquely positions the Company at the center of the convergence of these industries.

QUALCOMM Ventures supports QUALCOMM's mission of enabling and fostering CDMA and wireless internet markets through strategic investments in startup ventures. These strategic investments include companies focusing on wireless communication technologies and products serving consumer, enterprise, and vertical markets worldwide. QUALCOMM has committed $500 million to QUALCOMM Ventures for strategic investments over a period of four years.

If your company is positioned to support QUALCOMM's mission, then we are interested in speaking with you.


Investment Focus,1786,2,00.html

Portfolio Companies

Criteria and Processes,1786,9,00.html

3n) Wireless Business Solutions

QUALCOMM's fleet management solutions set the standard for the transportation industry. Over 1,250 US fleets use our products to communicate with drivers, monitor vehicle location and provide superior customer service. We also integrate the mobile data with operations software, such as dispatch, payroll and accounting, so you can manage information rather than just collect it.



When QUALCOMM introduced the OmniTRACS mobile communications system in 1988, we changed the way trucking companies operated and communicated. Today, more than 1,250 US fleets use OmniTRACS to communicate with drivers, monitor vehicle location and provide superior customer service. With over 370,000 units shipped worldwide, our unparalleled market acceptance proves the industry's first solution provider is still the best.


The OmniExpress mobile communications system is a cost-effective solution for vehicles operating in metropolitan areas and along major highway corridors. The system supports real-time, two-way data and voice communication, vehicle tracking and effective information management. Improve customer service, mobile worker productivity and management of on-board inventory through integration of data with back-office systems.


The TruckMAIL™ mobile communications system is the affordable fleet management solution for fleets using manual dispatch. The system provides two-way communication and satellite tracking using the same reliable hardware and network management as the OmniTRACS system. With the TruckMAIL system you can redirect loads, provide accurate ETAs and communicate with your drivers any time. TruckMAIL brings the industry's leading technology — and your entire fleet — within your reach.

The TruckMAIL system is easy to install and incorporate into your operation. The driver reads and sends messages from a display unit in the cab, while dispatchers use the TruckMAIL software to send and receive messages and display vehicle location. In fact, the only significant change in your operation is that it's easier to run.


QUALCOMM has been in the trailer-tracking business for nearly a decade and has installed over 25,000 tethered units that send trailer-management data via QUALCOMM's mobile communications systems. We now offer a new cellular-untethered solution to complement our existing satellite-tethered solution. Both products are designed for a specific type of trailer operation and use stealth-mounted mobile communications technology to provide visibility into trailer location and operational events. Competitive pricing, reliable technology and unparalleled trailer-management data lets you reduce the time between an empty trailer and a profitable load.


The MVPc in-vehicle computer uses the Windows® CE platform to run custom third-party applications that automate driver logs, Circle of Service™ events and state-line crossings. Use the MVPc to collect data customized for your operation, offer specialized services and manage a mobile workforce. The driver interface includes a QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen capability.


The SensorTRACS performance monitoring system provides the information you need to increase fuel savings, reduce engine wear and improve driver performance.
- Lower fuel costs by reducing overrev, extended idle and excessive speed
- Decrease engine wear by reducing overrev and overidle
- Improve driver performance
- Improve safety
- Analyze your fleet's performance and operation
SensorTRACS interfaces directly with your vehicle's sensor inputs to provide RPM, speed and idle summaries so you can isolate vehicle operation in the driver's control. The information is delivered to dispatch at customer-defined intervals or on demand via QUALCOMM's mobile communications systems. No driver intervention is necessary. The data is also displayed for drivers in real time, so they can modify driving habits immediately and meet company-set parameters.


Is your fleet paying for costly, time-consuming vehicle repairs that could have been prevented?

Do you still incur out-of-service costs for pulling trucks off the road to diagnose vehicle systems, check company-set parameters for tampering, or set new ones?

If so, then you're not utilizing the JTRACS Pro vehicle monitoring system - a powerful component of QUALCOMM mobile communications systems. The JTRACS Pro system combines real-time vehicle diagnostics reporting with the ability to access and monitor third-party systems and devices via JTRACS Pro's Vehicle Data Gateway® software.


How do you keep your drivers happy and productive while on the road? Bring home a little closer. US and Canadian users of QUALCOMM mobile communications systems have the ability to send and receive Internet e-mail messages nearly anywhere in the world - all from the convenience, comfort and safety of their vehicle.

CabCARD personal communications offers drivers multiple features:
- E-mail via any QUALCOMM mobile communications system - OmniTRACS, TruckMAIL or OmniExpress
- Phone-to-e-mail (P/E-Mail) paging messages entered from any touch-tone phone
- Voicemail and prepaid calling-card services from any touch-tone phone
QUALCOMM has partnered with Transcommunications Inc. to bring you these convenient and cost-effective services. With CabCARD personal communications, drivers are never out of touch with their families, friends or associates.

CabCARD services increase driver satisfaction and provide fleets with an easy and affordable way to keep drivers happy and on the payroll. CabCARD makes it simple for drivers to send and receive e-mail and voicemail messages from anyone...anywhere...anytime.


The ViaWeb Internet-based load tracking service provides carriers and their customers with direct access to accurate, real-time load status and location information. It's an automated service that provides shipment data that helps carriers run their businesses more efficiently and monitor loads they ship with participating carriers. The ViaWeb service displays the vehicle's current location and status, alerting you and your customers to potential problems before they become emergencies.
You can use the ViaWeb service whether or not your company currently has a Web site. We can set up a link from your existing site, or create a custom ViaWeb service home page for you.


QUALCOMM Incorporated and Eaton Corporation have announced that QUALCOMM has acquired the assets of Eaton Corporation's Trucking Information Services business unit, including FleetAdvisor®, a leading transportation logistics management system, effective March 1, 2001.

The FleetAdvisor system includes hardware and software elements, including a broad set of applications to be offered to new and existing customers on QUALCOMM's MVPc™ in-vehicle computer for automated driver logs, accurate state fuel tax calculation, enhanced work order management, increased driver and vehicle productivity, and improved customer service.

QUALCOMM will continue to support current FleetAdvisor customers. FleetAdvisor customers should continue to contact their current customer service resource for service and support. For further information on the current FleetAdvisor system, please visit

4) What competitive advantage, strategic partnerships and patents does Qualcomm have?

4a) Patents
Qualcomm and patents. A lot of discussions on the various qcom message boards discuss patents, who has them, who wants them, and who's paying for them. Qualcomm's patent position can be summed up by the sheer number of companies licensed by Qualcomm to use their cdma patent porfolio.

Intellectual Property FAQ,1743,86,00.html

Patents from 1/1/2001 – 6/15/01 – posted by nz1

List of Essential IPRs for ARIB STD-T63 "IMT-2000 DS-CDMA System" –posted by mightylakers

wcdma IPR – by nz1

Patent Victories

Three More QUALCOMM Patents Upheld in Europe,1565,433,00.html

United States Patent Office Reaffirms the Validity of Important QUALCOMM CDMA Patent,1565,98,00.html

Important Claims of Key QUALCOMM Patent Upheld in Korea,1565,43,00.html

Important QUALCOMM Patents Upheld in Japan and Europe,1565,355,00.html

QUALCOMM Wins Judgment in Motorola Design Patent Case And Files New Claims for Infringement Against Motorola,1565,136,00.html

Search for patents here

4b) Partnerships


This is SnapTrack — the fastest, most accurate, and most cost-effective wireless device location technology on the market today.

SnapTrack Partners

Compaq, CTC, Denso, Locate Networks/Glenayre, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Neolink Technologies, NTT DoCoMo,, SignalSoft, Texas Instruments

Wireless Knowledge

Founded in 1998 by QUALCOMM and Microsoft, Wireless Knowledge offers enterprises a competitive edge by providing secure wireless access to corporate databases, Web sites or any other business-critical information. The company provides enterprise-grade solutions for mobilizing corporate data in any industry sector, including manufacturing, healthcare, finance, and entertainment. Wireless Knowledge turns e-business into m-business through its packaged software products, custom application development, and mobility consulting services.

Ford, QUALCOMM To Create Telematics Venture - Wingcast,1565,372,00.html

Wingcast website

Wingcast is a joint venture formed by Ford Motor Company and QUALCOMM Incorporated. We are dedicated to the development and delivery of wireless mobility and information services that will bring voice, entertainment, Internet access and safety services into cars and trucks. Wingcast will become a comprehensive provider of telematics services to global consumers.

Services will be accessed using existing digital communications networks (through carrier partnerships) via a hands-free, voice-activated interface inside vehicles, and via other hand-held devices while outside the vehicle.

Oracle and Wingcast form Strategic Alliance to Drive Next-Generation Wireless Services for Cars

QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies and Symbian Establish Partnership to Expand the Wireless Information Device Industry,1565,246,00.html

Agilent Technologies and QUALCOMM Form Alliance For Wireless RFIC TestingAlliance Gives CDMA IC Manufacturers Access to Agilent RFIC Test Systems,1565,32,00.html

Eastcom Announces Groundbreaking Partnership With US-based QUALCOMM,1565,318,00.html

For other partnerships see Ventures,1786,1,00.html

5) Spinoff of chip division
For the remainder of this article it will be reffered to as Spinco

The Company updated its plans with respect to the proposed spin-off and Initial Public Offering (IPO) of its semiconductor business, referred to as "QUALCOMM Spinco, Inc." Given current uncertainties in the financial markets, the Company is evaluating the need for and timing of an IPO. Regardless of the IPO decision, the Company continues to plan for the spin-off with full distribution of QUALCOMM Spinco, Inc. shares expected to occur by the fall of 2001, subject to approval by QUALCOMM's Board of Directors and other factors.

QUALCOMM Receives IRS Ruling on Proposed Spin-Off of QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies,1800,428,00.html

QUALCOMM to Spin Off Semiconductor Business,1565,367,00.html

QUALCOMM Spinco, Inc. Files Registration Statement for Initial Public Offering,1565,366,00.html
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

6) Financial Information

Earnings Releases,1743,26,00.html

Historical Highlights

Qualcomm Pro Forma Financial Trend Data,1743,31,00.html

7) Useful links

7a) Misc.

The Qualcomm Link Shrine

The CDG-CDMA Development Group


How Stuff Works

7b) Standards Bodies

3rd Generation Partnership Project

Association of Radio Industries and Businesses


Standards Committee T1

Telecommunications Technology Association

China Wireless Telecommunication Standard

Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP2)

The UMTS Forum

7c) Fool Posts

re:overvalued by forloveofmoney (the most recommended post on this board)

Q's IR responce by wildcat

Dr. J doing some more FUD busting by ddisaac

Xmas Card- 10 Reasons to hold Q by propitious


psuasskicker's 1000th post by psuasskicker

7d) QUALCOMM Presentations/Media Events/News


Investor Relations Online Events,1743,44,00.html

2001 Press Releases,1802,2001,00.html

2000 Press Releases,1802,2000,00.html

In Other News,1568,,00.html


Online Events,1567,,00.html

8) Qualcomm/Qualcomm Related Message Boards

Motley Fool - Qualcomm Board

Motley Fool - Gorilla Game Board

Motley Fool - Rat's Broadband Bandwagon

Silicon Investor – Coming into Buy Range

Silicon Investor – Qualcomm Moderated Thread

Silicon Investor – Gorilla and King Candidates


Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt.
The trick is to tell real FUD and misinformation about Qualcomm versus legitimate negative news that might affect the business prospects of Qualcomm, the debate occasionally rages on in this board.

By Lokicious;
Unfortunately, in addition to legitimate research and discussion of both positives and negatives about a company, public stock bulletin boards attract those who hope to affect short term prices by aggressively pushing inaccurate information and faulty interpretations. Almost always, these "trolls" are short-term traders who are "pumping" the stock or a rival stock or are "bashing" a stock they have "shorted." "Trolls" resort to many tricks, including repeatedly bringing up a point (e.g., a news report with negative implications), even though it has been thoroughly discussed, in the hope of exhausting those who have already responded and of preying upon newcomers. They also use selected excerpts or incomplete information (e.g., a P/E ratio that includes a one time charge rather than being based on "pro forma" earnings) which they blow out of proportion with extravagant claims. Their posts are typically filled with innuendoes (e.g., "they must know something we don't"), and the more subtle "trolls" attempt to seem like worried long-term investors. They also sometimes use a "tag-team" approach, where one "troll" poster supports or adds innuendoes to another "troll's" posts—this may just be one person using different identities. Other tricks we know of that "trolls" use to give themselves the appearance of credibility include assuming the pseudonym of a respected poster on another board (usually having a seeming change of heart about a company) and running up recommendations on their own and fellow "troll" posts so it looks like they are being taken seriously even when most regulars on the board have them on "ignore" or treat them with utter contempt. They will undoubtedly continue to come up with new tricks. Investors need to be aware of the "troll" problem, but once you are, it is pretty easy to distinguish "trolls" from legitimate posters, even those who are enthusiasts, doubters, or devil's advocates. If you read a board over time or review earlier posts, you should be able to get a sense of who the regular participants respect, even if they disagree with them, and who they ignore or dismiss as posting nonsense.

To New Visitors to TMF QCOM Board: Re Bashers by Lokicious

The Motley Fool Disclaimer: Watching Out For Your Money

The Motley Fool online forum is designed to help readers obtain financial information and discuss ways to make investment and personal financial decisions. This information is sometimes provided by our staff and sometimes by other contributors, many of whom use anonymous screen names and are people we've never met.
We Fools recognize that while we have tons of great stuff in this forum, people sometimes post messages in our folders or make statements in our chat rooms that are misleading, deceptive, or downright wrong. They may do this unintentionally or, sad to say, intentionally. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission recognizes this and has published information on various Cyberfraud that they have seen. The NASDR has provided its own insights into how to invest carefully in this new, electronic world and NASAA also provides tips on how not to fall prey to online investment schemes. The SEC, NASDR and the NASAA maintain outstanding websites at and, and respectively.
Treat the contributors here the same way you'd treat anyone you'd met for the first time at a party. This is important because anyone can show up to our party: no invitations are required. You shouldn't make an investment just because some stranger (or even a friend) talks it up; you shouldn't treat cyberspace any differently.
The fundamental concept is that you should NOT rely upon the information or opinions you read. Rather, you should use what you read here as starting points for doing independent research on companies and investing techniques. Then judge for yourself the merits of the material that has been shared in our forum.

What are the top five FUD attacks against QUALCOMM?

1. This stock is overvalued, the P/E is over 600.

Re:earnings by Lokicious

Qualcomm wrote off Globalstar in the last quarter, so it incurred a loss. This is also why you see silly P/E ratios listed in various places. If companies were worth their latest earnings, which seems to be what we're being told lately, Chrysler would be worth less than zero.

Some websites use earnings while more respected financial websites use pro forma earnings which gives companies more realistic P/E ratios.

2. IDCC invented CDMA, they will get the majority of the royalties.

What better person to answer this question than IDCC investor relations.

The Word From IDCC by talksfree

3. Siemens and Alcatel will never sign with QUALCOMM

They don't have to sign up if they don't want to. Unfortunately if they don't they won't be able to supply or sell any cdma equipment. QUALCOMM has continued to state that they have patents for all flavors of cdma. QUALCOMM has already signed manufacturers to royalty bearing licenses on all flavors of cdma, manufacturers that have stronger patent portfolios than Siemens and Alcatel.

4. cdma2000 is 2.5G

re: (bhhurd (1x in korea) by nz1

This post is a reply from the Head of the International Telecommunications Union.

The WCDMA and cdma2000 radio interfaces have been included in the IMT-2000 Recommendations and are therefore 3G systems.

Regardless of opinions, it's 3g because the standards bodies that make the rules state that it is 3g.

5. QUALCOMM has no essential patents for TD-SCDMA.

Who better to hear from than QUALCOMM. Below is an example of a press release signing Matsushita, a company with a respectable cdma patent portfolio in it's own right.,1800,595,00.html

SAN DIEGO - May 9, 2001 - QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), pioneer and world leader of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) digital wireless technology, today announced an amendment to Matsushita Communication Industrial Co. Ltd.'s existing CDMA subscriber unit license agreement. Under the terms of the multi-million dollar, royalty-bearing amendment, QUALCOMM has granted Matsushita Communication a license that expands its existing licenses under QUALCOMM's CDMA patent portfolio to include a license to develop, manufacture and sell third-generation (3G) CDMA (cdma2000 1x/1xEV, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA) infrastructure equipment in Japan and China; to design and market CDMA modem card products for second-generation (2G) and 3G CDMA wireless applications worldwide; and to design and market test equipment for 2G and 3G CDMA applications worldwide. Matsushita Communication will pay QUALCOMM ongoing royalties at the same rates, irrespective of the licensed CDMA standard implemented.

"QUALCOMM is pleased to expand Matsushita Communication's license to include additional second and third-generation wireless voice and data solutions," said Steve Altman, president of QUALCOMM Technology Alliances. "QUALCOMM has essential patents for all the 3G CDMA standards and has now licensed some or all of its essential patents to more than 100 companies worldwide for the manufacture and sale of 3G products, including WCDMA, CDMA2000 or TD-SCDMA. We look forward to Matsushita Communication's contributions to the rapidly growing wireless industry."

10) Who's Morgman8 and what's a shuffle

Described best by TheVerve at “The Qualcomm Link Shrine”

“Women adore him, men want to be like him. When Q hits new highs hide your daughters.”

Shuffle on 7/3/01 after Nokia signed on the dotted line…again.

Shuffle on 9/19/00 after qualcomm comes back over $70

Shuffle on 12/7/00 after qcom goes over $100
Holy QCOM batman>>KICK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A morgman says what ????? post by nz1, the best of morgman8!!
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I am doing a paper trading stock project
that will only last 5 weeks ( for school)
will QCOM do well in this short of time period?
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If you can tell me how the market will do over the next 5 weeks, I will tell you how QCOM will do over the same 5 week period.
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