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Continuing to follow DSS's Snap line with great interest.

New product news today:

My comments:

In the few months Quantum has owned the Snap NAS line, it has been expanding the line both upmarket and downmarket. Their previous introduction of a $500 10GB NAS box chopped prices at the low end. The low-end Snap 1000 box is something that I am even considering for personal use for my own home LAN for digital photography: for me, it's a competitive solution even when compared against much slower Jaz drives or CD burners.

Today at CeBIT they announced a $3000 120GB box called the Snap 4000 that opens their battle with high-end NAS vendors NTAP, Auspex, etc for the hearts and dollars of data center managers, ISPs, etc. In the press release Quantum lists some of the features they've included in the Snapp 4000 to help it compete in this market: RAID 5, a very thin rack-mounted box (2u = 3.5" thin, which is half the height of NTAP's filers), and they claim that at a list price of $3000 ($25/GB) they win in price/performance.

The product looks to me to be an attack on NTAP's F720 filers - anybody have any information on how NTAP's product shapes up with respect to price/perf, features, etc?

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What great news to see Quantum already moving upmarket in NAS. Strange to see so little reaction in the share price, but I guess it will take time for the analysts (driving by looking through the rear-view mirror) to realize what is going on with our old DLT company.

My favorite part of the press release:
According to PC Data, Quantum currently holds the number one position in the workgroup network attached storage market (Distributor Hardware Report, January 2000). Industry analysts predict that the NAS market is projected to reach $4.5 billion within four years (Dataquest/GartnerGroup, May 1999), and Quantum is leading the market by offering the most easy to use and cost-effective NAS solutions available.

You raise good questions regarding comparison of Quantum's new product to what NTAP has on the market. I, too, would appreciate the insights of anyone who can compare the two. What I can compare, though, is the upside of these two companies given current valuations, and have to conclude that, wow, DSS could turn out to be a real gem.
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