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I have an analysis of a company that I want to post here that has three tables from Excel. How do I get it formatted for the message board post in the easiest way so that it does not look all jumbled and messy? I have tried using MS Notepad as well as the box below that says "Table Data", but it does not work.

Is there an HTML code I could put into the document to format the tables?


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Type this at the beginning of the table with the word pre in the brackets. <>

Type this at the end with the word pre after the slash and in the brackets. </>

Italics are done the same way using i and bold is done using b.


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Regarding posting tables....

.....if you keep the column width less than 8 characters each, posting tables generally poses no problems as BruceBrown indicates.

Otherwise, I often find it necessary to first compose the tables in a fixed-width font. You can then import that Excel table into NotePad. By playing with the Tab-button, you can then adjust most any table to make it readable....if it is aligned properly in NotePad, it will look right on these Boards.

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Hi John (TMF Fuz):

TMFKGOMalley and I worked on some FAQs for the upcoming RM seminar to help people learn how to post tables:

How do I include a table, or spreadsheet, in a Post and get the columns to line up properly?

Tables are a little more of a challenge. You use embedded commands (similar to bold and italics).

The first step is to copy the information (from a spreadsheet or word processor) and paste it in to a text editor (like Notepad in Windows). In the text editor, line up the columns (using either tabs or spacebar). Sometimes it is difficult to align the table unless you work in a monospace font such as courier, thus adjustments are necessary.

Now copy the information and paste it in to an open message box on the discussion board to which you are posting. Before the table, type <pre> and after the table type </pre>.

Always use Preview Message before you Post a table.


<pre>Ticker Price # Shares Cost/Share
XYZ $123 67.37 $148
ABC $53 95.4 $105
MNO $33 272.58 $37</pre>

When you Post it appears:

Ticker Price # Shares Cost/Share
XYZ $123 67.37 $148
ABC $53 95.4 $105
MNO $33 272.58 $37

If the whole Post is a table you can select "Table Data (fixed-width font, enter your own line breaks)" at the bottom of the text box (and you don't need <pre>). You can type in a short text message even when the Table box is selected by using the Enter key to force a new line after a short sentence.

In place of <pre> you can also use <tt>.

I bet you are wondering how I got those tags to display, here are some more useful FAQs:

How to trick the boards to display tags:

How to display special characters:

Hope this helps.


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