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I did some holiday shopping over the weekend at the mall. (yes I am crazy enough to fight that crowd).

I noticed in The Body Shop that they sell home fragrance oils and oil warmers - some that use tea lights, others that use electricity.

They smelled great, but I didn't purchase. A co-worker mentioned that she's heard of people using the same fragrance oils that are used in candlemaking or soapmaking for heating at home on the fragrance warmer.

I went online and found tons of sites that sell these oils - more cheaply than The Body Shop.

Have any of you tried this?

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Hi MP,

I have done a little soap making (Cold process only) and I might have an answer on the Fragrance oil for soap making.

The thing that makes a fragrance good for soaping is that it won't seize the batch of soap on you or burn off in the curing. Other fragrances can be a hit and miss and might ruin your other soap ingredients or just fail to smell up your soap.

There are tons of sites on the internet that sell fragrances especially for soap making and those can be used in candles (for the most part) and for home fragrances.

Hope it helps,

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