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Others may feel free to chime in here with your thoughts too.

Duma - It seems like you have access to past articles and emails from this board at your fingertips in an instant. How do you keep track of everything and organize it so all is readily accessible?

For articles, I use PDF Expert app that allows me to create folders. I can make notate the articles with my thoughts or just highlight important parts.

I don’t have a good method for keeping track of Fool posts and have no good way of searching the boards.

Any input is appreciated.

Take care,
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You can also just hit "reply later" to anyones post you want to be able to quickly reference later, including your own.

But a simple apreadsheet with board name and post # would do the trick too.
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You can use Google to search the boards by including


prior to any search terms.
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Not for everyone, but I simply asked the Fool to create a discussion board that I use as my own semi private repository of all things relating to the stocks in my portfolio. I link articles
from around the web and crosspost discussions from other boards that pertain to the port. It does a couple of things for me:

1) It creates a handy archive
2) I force myself to update news/analysis of my stocks on an almost daily basis.
3) I can post my own logic and thoughts without getting into political or frivolous
4) It is convenient

Its not perfect, but its a tool the Fool will freely provide so I use it.
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