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I'm wondering if any of you know if this 20% dividend payout is legit. I mean if a thousand of us all bought a thousand shares at $7, that's $7,000,000 and Flamemaster would be shelling out $1,400,000. For one thing, can they afford to do this. What's to stop us all from selling the next day with a quick $1,400 profit. They seem to be a good company but that sure is a lot of money to spend on trying get your company exposed. I guess time will tell.
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I don't know if you read the prior posts or not.

If you haven't, I suggest that you do so. I too am wondering, what gives.. I tried e-mail and got no reply. Haven't tried phoning as Cheeze said but may do so tommorrow.. I baught only 100 shares at 6 7/8 and they are up.. I think they are in effect giving a 6 for 5 stock split, plus they have always been giving a dividend according to my charts...

I baught BXMNF, that BS stock and they issued a stock in another co.for a dividend, BRMX, which inturn was worthless.. The thing that scares me is anyone can set up a dummy corp. on the net.. There are a few things that smell here, so I suggest that if you decide to buy, watch out, and maybe you too can call.

The only thing about callng is that just adds to your cost, and with only 100 shares,a long distance call may eat up any extra 20% dividend. Luckily, I trade for only a total of $14.90

Good luck

P.S. when in doubt lead out( only being funny) If your gut says no, then it's no.. for now I'm in.

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