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quick guide to what I've seen - again, meant to generate your trips thru memory lane; feedback requested

ST OS - really was amazing and scripts are incredible considering time pressures involved
ST NG - first two years virtually unwatchable but finally hit the stride
ST DS9 - moving hard by year 2, just loved these characters
ST Voyager - good stuff here and there, but got tiresome
ST Enterprise - thought it was a complete bust w/Space Nazi's before some good ones in S4 but too little too late
ST Discovery - not ST; you can like it as long as you remember that, with great special effects but characters are not equipped with any brains

Babylon 5 - wish they had more money for it
Battlestar G - original a kiddie show; a miracle the new version was as insanely involving as it was, but it was very depressing throughout
Lost - pure candy, and insanely watchable
Logan's Run - short-run series and typical 70s TV
Planet of Apes - better than I remembered with overacting but some solid scripts
Continuum - I could only take 2 of 4 years
Outer Limits Original - it was amazing, incredible first time out
Twilight Zone - multiple versions - the 80s version is pretty solid though they can't make it blu-ray quality
Outer Limits New - better than you think, with some solid episodes that I really liked
Ray Bradbury Theater - almost unwatchable, they have almost no budget
Doctor Who - personal choice as to what you want to see - loved David Tennant, HATED the newest ones
Space 1999 - man, did i love those Eagle ships, but it truly sucks to a degree that gives sucking a bad name - best part was waiting for 'Computer'
Lost in Space - early one was a kiddie show about a family, newer one is a kiddie show with absolutely miserable people and the main message that 'marriage is fake' by deeply unhappy showrunners and script writers
Orville - I can't watch it - too painful
Firefly - had a lot of potential and too short a run but worth seeing and worthy of the acclaim it got
Farscape - A lot of A+++ episodes and a parade of F-- ones too, could be infuriating at times but one of the few science-fiction series I've ever seen with fully realized BIZARRE aliens
Buck Rogers - hey, if you like Mel Blanc....
Andromeda - one of the weird shows where it goes from solid to bad over 5 years
Sliders - similar to above, was interesting for a while but fell apart over time
Black Mirror and anything on Netflix - can't watch with kids; nudity for nudity sake and language for language sake
Lexx - a friend told me this was his favorite sci-fi of all time but no idea why science-fiction a bad name IMO
Land of the Lost - kiddie show but I loved it as a kid
Stargate - 10 years of jolly good fun - be sure to see the movies! Even was good in Seasons 9 and 10
Stargate Atlantis - to bad it only lasted 5 years but the villains were creepy and I just didn't like them
Stargate Universe - they emote - A LOT
Eureka - a guilty pleasure but they lost a lot of the threads and eventually there was an episode which was a glorified car commerical
Expanse - I stopped watching middle of season 2

help from this which is perhaps overly influenced by people under 20
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