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The last post was in April. Just thought I'd post something to bring this board a little life.

Because I enjoy Nancy's summaries (and the underlying Popehat discussions) so much, I think it is apropos to note that there have been developments in the long-running Prenda law situation. As a reminder, that's the pornography copyright infringement scam that the Prenda Law group and all its shadow organizations appear to have created.

Here, Ken at Popehat documents Prenda's appeal:

And here, failing at the appellate level:

And here, he talks about what appears to be an ongoing FBI investigation. A quote from Ken on this: "Based on my 21 years in the federal criminal justice system, I believe the letter reflects an active, determined investigation in its later stages."

In other news, one of the main attorneys who created this mess passed away from a heart attack and alcoholism, which I am genuinely sad about. It speaks to a life that was more suffering than anything else.

And there is a lot of evidence that Prenda and its principal, John Steele, actually uploaded the porn and invited people to download it so that they could claim the person had downloaded it illegally.

So things are going slowly for Prenda, but steadily badly.

ThyPeace, hi, everyone!
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Fascinating case. I don't find myself any more sympathetic to Mr. Duffy than I was with Mr. Lay of Enron fame. It sounds like Prenda is finally getting what's coming to them.

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