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Okay. The last two were too easy. Here's a more challenging one.

"I have been making needles and syringes for more than a 100 years. My business is boring and stable, it has high fixed costs, high volumes, and low margins, making it a unattractive market for potential competitors. My users are primarily nurses and doctors, and they are change-resistant and have historically been reluctant to switch once they become familiar with my product. Just like Gilette Razors, my users use and discard my products. My economic moat is unassailable.

My Revenue growth in the last 10 years has been a high single digit, while my EPS growth has been increasing from a low of 11% in the last 10 years to a 20% in the past year (3 yr growth is 14%). While some may find this a slow growth, it is a great cash business. I generated around 900m of Free Cash Flow in 2005. And I used this to buy back shares as well as grow my dividend, the yield is 1.2%. My critics has lamented that I reward my CEO too richly at a total package of 5.6M, but the ROE of 22.9% (and high teens to twenties in the last ten years) signifies strong stewardship.

I am currently valued near my intrinic value of $61. My P/E ratio is 1.1 relative to the overall market.

Who am I ?"

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Becton Dickinson & Co.

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