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"Ah, have you looked in a mirror lately?

Because you are describing your own behavior on this board."

OK Norm. Name one topic? Just one. Remember, you being dishonest and distorting my views does not make me hypocritical. It just makes you dishonest.

"Never have I even remotely suggested that to be the case."

Ok. Let's make a bet. If I find a past post of your where you accuse Clinton of rape and/or believe his accusers over him will you admit your are wrong and donate $100 to Planned Parenthood? If you are right, I will donate $100 to the Catholic Church.

Beware, I have already done my homework.

"But you seem to miss the very significant difference between conduct outside of the workplace that does not involve one's direct subordinates, and thus does NOT fall within the purview of one's employer, and conduct within the workplace that does involve one's direct subordinates, and thus DOES fall within the purview of one's employer. Several years ago, the board of The Boeing Company (NYSE: BA) "accepted the resignation" of the company's chairman and CEO because it came to light that he was engaging in consensual sexual relations with a subordinate (and rightfully so), and I'm not aware of any major corporation with a board that would not do likewise. I expect ALL elected officials of both parties to be held to the same standard. The appropriate contrast would be with the affairs attributed to the late President John F. Kennedy, which (1) did NOT occur in the executive offices AND (2) did NOT involve employees of the executive branch of the federal government, and therefore did not warrant removal from office."

Bzzt. Wrong as usual. I have already pointed out that Clinton would not be elected by the Democratic party in this day and age (as evidenced by Franken and Weiner). Clinton's behavior was of a different time (the Kennedy Era like you mentioned). That doesn't justify his behavior, it explains it and how he was elected (and re-elected). For the record, it was also consensual.

Now there are at least 20 accusations of sexual assault against the CURRENT president. Many of which are quite credible. There are instances of him bragging how he has taken advantage of women. Let see how many times you have condemned his behavior.....






"You also are totally missing one of the most important elements of Christian faith -- our belief in repentance, forgiveness, and redemption."

No I am not. You are just ignoring the fact that Trump has never asked for forgiveness nor has he shown remorse in any way whatsoever. Isn't that part of repentance?

"What somebody did a decade or more ago is in the past, and might or might not reflect who that person is today. If every person who engaged in drunken casual sexual notoriously associated with "frat parties" (where legal consent was non-existent because the women were too drunk to be able to give it) while in college were to be barred from holding political office, there would be a major purging of present elected officials. But most of us outgrow that wild phase of our lives in adulthood, so we're not the same persons as back then."


Some of Trump's misdeeds (deeds you would be horrified at if a Democrat did them) were done well into his 60's. When exactly is Trump going to outgrow that wild phase?

"Now, hypocrisy does turn off people -- and not just young people, but people of all ages. And it's true that hypocrisy does exist on the political right, and in many religious organizations, but it's most rampant on the political left."

No. You are wrong as usual. You personally just see it more because you hypocritically ignore it or excuse it when it happens to a conservative politician (just like you do for Trump). But that is neither here nor there, we were talking about YOU and YOUR hypocrisy and how it turns young people away from God.

Young people see you lecture about morals, but they see you blindly support a man who:
- Has had at least 20 women accuse him of sexual assault. Many quite credibly.
- Has openly bragged about sexually assaulting women.
- Has had children with three separate women.
- Has cheated on all three of his wives.
- Has had sex (while married) with Playboy bunnies and porn stars an then paid them to keep quiet.
- Has publicly mocked a disabled person.
- Has publicly mocked a war veteran for their service.
- Has publicly attacked a Gold Star family because they disagreed with him.
- Has provably defrauded thousands of people (contractors, students, and customers)
- Has literally stole money intended for charity.
- Has attacked a respectable judge simply because he was of Mexican heritage.
- Has regularly incited violence against his enemies (real or imagined).
- Has clearly obstructed justice to protect himself and his friends.
- Has literally lied at least 10 times a day while in office. Not little white lies or simple misdirections, but outright bald-faced lies.
- Regularly insults and demeans people. No one in modern politics has bore more false witness than he has.

I could go on and on, and those are just the clear black and white things and not the merely distasteful opinionated things such his admiration of dictators and mass murders while attacking allies. Or his daily actions that run counter to everything that Jesus stood for. Nor the unproven things (but lots of mounting evidence) such as his tax fraud and corruption. I could literally write hundreds (if not thousands) of bullet points demonstrating the immorality of Trump.

Someone (such as yourself) who unquestioning supports this man has lost all ability to lecture others about morals. Your support of this man show that you clearly have no morals. You don't care about dishonesty or adultery or sexual assault or incitement of violence or fraud or any of that unless it is an opportunity to smear one of your political opponents and get more political power.

When it comes to morality, yours (and other evangelical Trump supporters) hypocrisy shines brighter than the sun. It is quite clear why young people are abandoning conservative Christianity. There was a choice between Jesus and Trump and conservative Christians choose Trump.

"BTW, I don't regard leftist rags that are notorious for selective reporting, like the Los Angeles Times, to be credible sources of information in this discussion."

That is all right. When it comes to morality, you are notorious for your selective application of it. That is why no one here finds you to be a credible source on the subject.
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