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"One time when I was visiting my parents in Florida, one of the neighbors showed up and gave them a nice hunk of gator tail. MY mom cut it into nugget sized pieces and breaded it and when a group of my relatives that were going to visit Disney stopped by the next day, she fried it up and served it.Until this day, none of them believe they actually ate gator, they still believe it was chicken. Maybe because I knew I could tell the difference, or maybe they are just lousy cooks and that tasted like their chicken nuggets, not taht gator is bad, but it not chicken, though made that way the texture is similar." - lowstudent


Alligators, birds, and dinosaurs all have a common ancestry. Archosaurs. So when you are eating any kind of bird you are actually eating a small dinosaur. If you tasted a young dinosaur chances are it would taste like chicken. Alligators and crocodiles have a four chambered heart like birds and protect and guard their young like birds do also. Hard to believe that alligators and birds are related since they look so different.

"Archosaurs are a group of diapsid amniotes whose living representatives consist of birds and crocodilians. This group also includes all extinct non-avian dinosaurs, many extinct crocodilian relatives, and pterosaurs. Archosauria, the archosaur clade, is a crown group that includes the most recent common ancestor of living birds and crocodilians. It includes two main clades: Pseudosuchia, which includes crocodilians and their extinct relatives, and Avemetatarsalia, which includes birds and their extinct relatives (such as other dinosaurs and pterosaurs)."
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