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"SP while environmentalism has ended many middle income blue collar jobs. Automation & technology prolly has ended many more of these type of jobs. "

Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of logging jobs vanished over phony 'save the owl' eco-rants.....

The eco-whacks have killed 100,000 or more jobs in poor areas of the country - coal mining and all the associated jobs


TJ:"While the conservatives* applaud & cheering the creative destruction in the free market."

Union featherbedding just make everyone pay more for everything, and soon leads to the companies going bust. Need I mention 'Hostess' with 157 separate work contracts with unions? A total nightmare.

And the US car industry going down the drain due to archaic union work rules that didn't permit the flexibility needed.

Yes, companies have to re-invent themselves or fail. Apple did it, arising from the near dead. Dell is in the same boat now.....

The US has prospered because of it...while Europe is stagnating.....

The SEIU and most unions are now scum of the earth...


tj:"This trend is disturbing because if there aren't significant numbers of middle income Americans our government & economy collapses as there is less tax revenue & consumption of goods & services. "

Ah..maybe the government should be spending less?

YOu realize there are more people employed in 'government' now than existed in 1776 in the US!.......

We don't need a Nanny State, ten million regulations, and the cost of it....


tj:"The frequency & rapidity of middle income job elimination in in various segments in the economy has been accelerating due to rapid technological evolution."

I don't know about that. The telephone operators vanished mighty fast. The 'secretaries' and 'steno' girls vanished equally fast. The typists and file clerks vanished mighty fast.....

It just seems that way.....and yes, if you are an untrained, or one skill only can get sideswiped by change.


TJ:" If correct, the size of this trend will cause large societal/political/economical disruptions. Not limited to the US. I think this trend could trump politics."

You mean people might actually wind up being responsible for themselves rather than playing 'victim' every time?

You mean the Nanny State won't be able to afford to take care of the Liberal 'I'm a victim' types who demand freebies, free food, free phones? People will actually have to go look for a job?


TJ:"I suppose this trend is a bonanza for those already retired with a stock portfolio as stocks should have increased returns due to higher profits from lower labor costs."

How many people do you know who work for a money losing business, and for how long do they work?

Of course, if you have a business, it better be trying to make 'increased profits' just to keep even with inflation..and if it isn't growing, it's 'dying' and the competition will beat it and put it out of business.

Efficiency counts.

You likely aren't writing this on your cuneiform board with stylus, or even using moveable type to post've got the latest computer I'd bet, and retired your MS-DOS machine back in the 80s.or early 90s when windows came out.

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