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"The people have been threatened by the monied interests and collapsed like dumbies"


"The people" ARE dummies. You'd get no argument from me on that point really, but it hardly excuses the takeover of government by the bankers-financiers, nor does exonerate them for their behaviour.

(( The rest of that sentence is fragments that don't mesh... a little more connectivity would be nice :-) ))

The bankers have been practicing their avaricious ways for far longer than the last 30 years, and whatever we have "got" it isn't a patch on what they have accumulated.

Napoleon merely observed the truth about the monied class.

Now I'd be the first to reckon that the current representatives of the people are, at the best of times, unable to produce the collective intelligence of the potatoes growing in my backyard. Also that nature abhors a vacuum and that the power vacuum produced by that intelligence failure invites abuse.


The power needs to be stripped from the bankers because it is power THEY seized in the first place... power that belongs, rightfully, to the people themselves. Power exercised by their government and representatives for the benefit of the nation, not big money and it's representatives for the benefit of the wealthy.

The power needs to be stripped from them because they have used it to seize additional powers in and out of government.

The fact that our current cr@p of representatives is not up to the job of honest self-government is not remarkable or pertinent to the NEED to take that power away from the bankers... just indicative of the need for a rather wider reaching change to the current systematic abuse.

The people being too ignorant to be able to govern themselves, now need to be governed. Autocrats and dictators have long served this purpose and the devolution of American Democracy into some manner of dictatorship was foreseen by the founders in numerous writings.

The sidetracking of this process into a shadow government of bankers surreptitiously exercising powers not granted and perpetrating frauds not imagined, is something new. Their control over most of the planet is the "one world government" long feared in some quarters but it isn't in plain sight, and the subservience of nations to their whims and wishes makes a mockery of national sovereignty. If I am going to suffer a dictatorship, still I should wish that the master(s) of my country at least be OF my country.

Yeah... it is different and it is bad to the bone, and I have no ability to see how to take power from them. It won't happen without the lights coming on. The vermin gnawing at the structure of our civilization prefer to keep us in the dark, and most of our information sources are pwned. Civilization itself can collapse without them being exposed for what they are and have done. Indeed this seem to be the most likely outcome.

For METAR one question is how long. If you are young it can be in your lifetime... but for most of us the final gotterdammerung will not be an event we get to observe and it may be as much as centuries off... but it is as inevitable and as invisible, as the collapse of a termite infested house.

The other question is how to invest in an environment so thoroughly corrupted. I would suggest that understanding what is in the best interests of the financial class would yield predictive ability over the long run... things will tend to continue to favor the wealthy. That's how the governance and regulations will play out. That being the case, one needs to work out how best to ride their coat-tails. There's no "winning" at this... not playing would be wiser, but it is difficult to imagine how to do even THAT.

Be Careful Out There.

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