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Over the weekend I watched Ted Coppels "The People's Republic of Capitalism "


I believed I had a concept of China, but after that, I had no grasp on the subject.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in how the short term action is on stocks and funds for China that we completely miss what is going on over there.

All I can say is how wealthy would you be if you had invested in many US companies post WW2. That is almost the situation. Sudden wealth, sudden need for housing, cites springing up where villages once were. Cars being purchased, infrastructure, 30 million people moving into middle class and millions more to go. Planned expansion by the government, infrastructure, transportation, housing, consumer goods.

Great show if you can get a chance to watch it. Really opened my eyes when I believed they were open already .... no way, I had not gotten a grasp on China before.

We are looking at one of the finest investment areas in history. Not short term, but 5 year growth will be mammoth.

You can look at the Chinese consumer, the needs of the society and the wants of the people and see the growth on 1950's USA. Exciting.

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Just one other thought. If you scan the many boards on the Internet you see a theme of "After the Olympics, what will China do?"

The Olympics are no more to China that a blip on the financial chart. It is a very nice chance for political statement, a chance for the government to show off it's progress and change .... it may bring in billions ...... but it is of little consequence long term.

I'm pumped, just need to do the homework to be sure you are buying sound companies and not paper dragons.

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