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"This isn’t about political parties; it’s about the looming danger of living under a theocracy—about a US version of Taliban rule. I am aiming at the elections of individuals who would, if elected, enact laws which are inherently repressive."

Had a long talk about the RR's 'fear tactics' yesterday, and while I understand the "Taliban" comparison, 'they're trying to turn us into Afghanistan!' is the same mud we accuse them of wallowing in ('they're trying to turn us into Stalin's Russia!'). I know, slippery-slope and all, and soon they'll be shooting OUR daughters and granddaughters for learning to read. Okay. But the Taliban thing is just the reverse side of the same ugly fear tactics they use.

The thing I've seen, though (and pointed out to my nutter family members until I'm blue in the face), is that these out-there Teavangelical who seem hell-bent on a government so small its only job is turning women into sex slaves actually DO almost none of these things once they get elected. There are examples, especially at the state level (such as rape and incest exceptions being omitted from abortion ban bills), but to actually DO what they claim to want to would kill the single-issue goose that lays the golden egg of votes. While they might PERSONALLY believe each of these things, I feel strongly the End of Abortion will never happen as long as "fighting" it is so politically expedient. Actually winning that fight would be bad strategy. On a related note, I don't think it's necessary for women to use the emotional Taliban card when the rational arguments are so valid.

My point, and I do have one: I don't want to be wallowing in that sty. As the famous quote goes: don't fight with a pig; you just get muddy, and the pig enjoys it.

It's not easy to refrain from referring to EWTN as the East Wingnutistan Taliban Network at home, but somehow I manage.

(you can skip the vent from my weird home life below)
Regarding the quotes in the OP link: apart from the Akin one (which really hammers the basement floor of stupidity), my middle-class white suburban wife would give a hearty thumbs-up to every one of those ashclowns' statements, and votes accordingly. She votes for only R candidates because they're all pro-life, or at least more so than D ones. Even things like Treasurer and State Insurance Commissioner and Auditor that have zero to do with abortion because, "if they're wrong about life, what else could they be wrong about?" But oh, no, she's not a Republican because "life issues transcend politics". Tragically irresponsible, but that's how freedom works, I guess. *sigh* I'm definitely getting closer to therapy every 4 years. I've been away from this place too long.
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