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Someone ought to make a short film of George Lucas going back in time, showing WB execs how "Star Wars" became such a big hit, thus allowing the cartoon to play; then, because of that altered fact, the movie bombs. (Maybe it could be a short story; I'll have to think about trying it out)

I will say it does make me seriously wonder: would this have altered the course of the film's success in any way one could not imagine. An unanswerable question...
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I think it would have seriously undermined the pompacity of the opening sequence of the movie. Can you imagine the John Williams Fanfare, the episode crawl or the opening sequence of the Star Destroyer running down the Rebel's "diplomatic" ship right after the Looney Toons jingle or Porky Pig saying, "That's All, Folks!".

Who always thought the 20th Century Fox fanfare was like an instruction in the theater to settle in, stop fidgeting, and get ready for a cinematic ride...

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