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The President has the seeds for a really nice run.

Home sales robust.

Car sales very robust.

Americans being - well, American and continuing to buy buy buy all sorts of stuff.

A bit of a rate hike will make America's shadow government on Wall Street mad, and a few wannabe 401K toting investors panicked for a week or two.

And then guess what.

An extra half point doesn't mean the world stops. Not by a long shot. Most of the commerce will keep going and maaaaaaybe at a bit less breakneck speed.

Then expedite the infrastructure stuff.

It all still may work out. But they are playing with fire right now.
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That would be the fed.

And Biden goes out of his way to stay in his lane. I think he is convinced that repairing the demarcations between centers of governance in Washington is one of his most important tasks, and I agree.

But I also agree that a rate hike is in order.

Let’s hope the fed does it.
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