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Hi folks... I had a few ideas for misc. discussion also:

- Edgar Allen Poe (poetry, short stories, his bio., etc.)

- The 20th century author, Pearl S. Buck; best known for "The Good Earth." I know there are some conflicting views on her 'value' as a writer, but I read a brief bio on her recently and she seemed like an unusually progressive woman for the early 20th century. One of her foundations still exist in PA, which deals with orphaned children around the world and adoptions in general.

- C.S. Lewis (Charles Sinclair Lewis); I've only really read his "The Screwtape Letters" and his children's series, "The Chronicles of Narnia," but I also liked the loosely fact-based movie on his life and love, "Shadowlands," (starring Anthony Hopkins as C.S. Lewis).

Misc. comment: I'd love to hear about more women writers and poets in general.

Dashing out again,
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Drat!!! *sighs*.... always happens when I'm rushing...

I forgot:

- Emily Dickenson; 19th century poet. (I believe her work was found post-mortem; unknown until her many papers were found after her death I think)

- Tillie Olsen. 20th century short story writer; I've read and loved her "Tell me a riddle," and a few other short stories (read them in a paperback anthology).

- Langston Hughes. 20th century poet

- James Baldwin. 20th century novelist (actually have never read him, but I feel he's on a must-read list by reputation!)

- Um..... who else? Other names escape me!

Dashing again!

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Hi $IQ,

I have recently started reading "The Chronicles of Narnia". I have always wanted to read them and purchased the set for my 8 year old daughter for Christmas.

I would like to discuss them when I'm done, if you are interested.

reading since 1966
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