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Random thoughts....


Watched the telethon the other night. Overall, a pretty good night. Very somber, much more like a memorial service than I expected. I thought there would be at least a little bit of up tempo patriotism.

Rather than that awkward final ensemble, I would have loved to have seen Springsteen come back on stage and belt out "Born in the U.S.A." to add a final punch of emotion to the night.


If there is really a media conspiracy, could they please start with agreeing on the spelling/pronounciation for some of the following?

al-Qaida, al-Qaeda, al-Qu'eda, Al Qaida, Al Qaeda, Al Qu'eda, ...
Taliban, Taleban
bin Laden, Bin Laden (pronounced bin Lah-den and bin Lay-den)
Kabul (pronounced ka-BOOL and KAHB-ull)

I realize it is difficult to translate, but could we pick one and run with it? (On a side note, it seems to be a good indication of how little we understand our opponent when we are having a hard time with the basic vocabulary.)


Capitalism and American culture may be a factor in starting this mess, but it also seems to be a factor in finding us some allies.

The United Arab Emirates, one of the three governments to officially recognize the Taliban, cut off diplomatic ties to them yesterday.

No small coincidence that Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai and the Minister of Defense for the UAE also happens to be a prominent race horse owner and breeder in the US. He pledged $5 million to a relief fund, and shortly thereafter, the UAE cut off ties to the Taliban.


Most of the press coverage has been OK, at the least, but could someone please get a replacement for Judy Woodruff? It's painful watching her attempt to conduct an interview.


Just when I thought we here in Bumcuffia were the only rubes around, the rest of the country manages to join in:
In at least five incidents this week, men of Arab descent were removed from domestic flights because members of the flight crew considered them threats to security, according to airlines, crew members or the affected passengers.

One of these incidents was a Minneapolis-Salt Lake City flight, but there were other incidents in San Antonio, Washington, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Paranoia is running deep right now, and I suspect it is going to get worse before it gets better. Be concerned for your Arab friends, folks. Patriotism aside, there's no shortage of morons in this country.


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"...I would have loved to have seen Springsteen come back on stage and belt out "Born in the U.S.A." to add a final punch of emotion to the night..."

I was thinking more along the lines of Chimes of Freedom, a Dylan? song he recorded in the 80's.

I think he recorded it in the 80's around the time Stevie Van Zandt was doing his "Sun City"/anti-apartheid thing and thought it was one of his most moving songs ever (and certainly appropriate for this situation).

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I thought we were doing great here in Anchorage--no incidents at all, and several showings of support from and for the Arab community. Then this happens:

Hopefully, this will be a solitary episode. Here's the town's response so far:

• Jeff
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