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I have become a big fan of the fool page. I have learned alot in my couple weeks of my daily visits to the page an have started with the RP Variation at the first of January.

I want to continue my investing. I am a beginner. I do have the money to invest. Would your new book, RM/RB book be a good book for someone like myself that is just learning (although a quick learner) or stick to the RP Variation?

Also, I take it the book explains the RB/RM strategy since I didn't see where your web sight did not. True?

Thanks for the great web page.
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Our books should be read in this order:

You Have More Than You Think
The Motley Fool Investment Guide
Rule Breakers, Rule Makers

... and you can pick up and do the Workbook anywhere along the way (probably after reading the Guide).

Hope that helps, and thanks for your query. Fool on! --David G.

P.S. Yes, the new book is the one that lays out all our Rule Breaker and Rule Maker philosophy.
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