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I nominate Mungofitch for the 2007 Feste Award.

Mungofitch's contributions, as one of the most prolific posters on The Mechanical Investing Board, (by far the most active Board on the Fool)were consistantly thoughtful, frequently provocative, always educational and cut across various areas of financial management last year.

I mention posts 196742, 198600 and 199360 by Mungofitch only because three posts by a nominee are required to be mentioned. But, selecting these three posts---among the hundreds in 2007---does Mungofitch an injustice. These posts are really no different than his others. So many of his shared observations, opinions and studies were educationally, clear, concise, well-reasoned, selfless and fun to read that, to really appreciate his contributions to the community and the shared learning he engendered, one should read them all!

After reading Mungofitch's posts, I always felt that I either knew more than before the read or knew less; but I was never left in the same spot as I was before the experience. He moved me in some manner and provided value habitually. He is responsible for my consuming far too many cups of coffee last year while curiously pondering something he noticed or shared or threw to the wind. His posts---aside from my raising the price of coffee beans--- consistantly triggered thought, whimsy and frequently entertained me all at the same time.

Of the extremely talented, insightful, often driven, sharing posters who I view as teachers and participants on The Mechanical Investing Board (and there are/have been many), for 2007, Mungofitch best exemplifies the published qualities of The Feste Award Winner.

I hope he is given the recognition he deserves.
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Can you supply links?

I'm too lazy to look them up by post #

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Thanks for your interest and request! I purposefully listed Mungofitch's posts rather than URL's because, to enjoy and really benefit from his journey on The MI Board requires, I discovered, reader effort. He's work that is worth the effort.

Please take the time when you can, visit as many of his posts from 2007 (or from the years he has participated) as you care to. You will appreciate having done so and better understand his nomination.

Only, please don't drive the cost of coffee beans any higher in the process...
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