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My computer is in for repair so this is an abbreviated version of this report. As of 1/18/19 the BCC value remains at 6.

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Larry Hill
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I run a computer repair company in Vienna VA, with 5 star Yelp reviews
If you're anywhere close, I'll be glad to diagnose for no charge.
And probably fix if it's simple
Really appreciate what you do each week. You are a superstar!
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Here are the recent Bear Catcher Combined signals as taken from GTR1 using GTR1 Helper 4.2. The complete set of signals may be found by running GTR1 with the BCC url:
Launch the url, take the option for Detailed Report and check the box for Signal Values. Finally, click "Run Backtest" and then download the report.

RAM for Larry (till his computer is fixed)

  Date    Signal   SMA    NH/NL  DBE
20190218 6 Bear Bull Bull
20190109 6 Bear Bull Bull
20181211 4 Bear Bear Bull
20181129 5 Bull Bear Bull
20181029 4 Bear Bear Bull
20181002 5 Bull Bear Bull
20180802 7 Bull Bull Bull
20180801 5 Bull Bear Bull
20180710 7 Bull Bull Bull
20180619 3 Bull Bull Bear
20180410 7 Bull Bull Bull
20180327 5 Bull Bear Bull
20180216 7 Bull Bull Bull
20180205 5 Bull Bear Bull
20170829 7 Bull Bull Bull
20170809 5 Bull Bear Bull
20161109 7 Bull Bull Bull
20161027 5 Bull Bear Bull
20161024 7 Bull Bull Bull
20161017 5 Bull Bear Bull
20160630 7 Bull Bull Bull
20160627 5 Bull Bear Bull
20160620 7 Bull Bull Bull
20160617 5 Bull Bear Bull
20160606 7 Bull Bull Bull
20160602 6 Bear Bull Bull
20160524 2 Bear Bull Bear
20160511 0 Bear Bear Bear
20160510 2 Bear Bull Bear
20160506 0 Bear Bear Bear
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Thanks RAM. If anyone wants to have some real fun, try scrolling down through the GTR1 signals report to capture the bottom line of data while on an iPhone.

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