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Was in Vegas for a few days. played mid-afternoon new 2-5 table at Red Rocks mid-week. Started at 1-2, some woman directly on my right called my AQ pf, flop and river bets when I made my straight.

2-5 game was quiet but you could definitely make money there, 3 old tight players who were basically playing face-up, and an older asian who was probably the best player but I bluffed him out of a pot on the river as I was mostly card-dead so also had tight image. Best hand was TT?

Bellagio Fri night was a little livelier, also a very quiet table except for one guy, I chatted it up with 1 or 2 players. A young asian guy with a huge stack which got bigger after someone made a terrible donation to him 2 on my right, I got ATs and raised 15, he called, Flop comes T93o, he checks I bet 20, others fold he calls. Turn is Q, we check, River is blank, he bets like 35 I call he shows busted 87 draw, the table seemed very confused by our hands including our dealer - maybe shocked I induced him to bluff on the end. That was my best played hand of the pokering given the opposition.

In a later pot he moved directly to my left and after like 5 players in for $20 incl me with KQs he raised $120 all fold.

I made a donkey call with top two pair on the river vs solid player after betting 75, flop was like 952o, I bet he calls, turn J, I had J9s, we checked turn, River was an A/K which I knew he didn't have, I bet 75 he thought for a while raised to 225 I didn't think long enough and called off to see the inevitable 222. Asked him later was he at all worried I had 99 or 55 and he said no for some reason I didn't understand - I'd have played them the same but I guess he read me correctly!

Getting bored at this point [it is Fri nite after all got things to do], down to $216, card dead, a raise to 15 couple callers, older guy immediately on my right recent sitdown goes to 55, I shove my AJo, he snap calls, board runs out 4T352, he slams his kings down and tilts, relax guy you were only 70% and I didn't think you would call as again I had tight image from card-dead.

Then I get pocket KK, finally, first pair of the night! I had won AKs earlier. I bet $20, get 5 callers! Of course flop comes A86o and I fold to a bet and call. Both players had Aces and it went to showdown. Something like 88% for no Ace to hit there so I guess I used my luck on the AJo of course.

Very next hand I get AA in LP. Couple limpers, I raise $25, 3 callers, including a solid but loose player 3 to my right back from dinner. Flop comes JJ5. He checks I bet he calls all else fold. Turn is Q, he bets $100 I raise $100, he tries to get me to say I either have the Jack[s] or don't have a Jack but I've been playing this game longer than you, sir. He folds.

There's always at least 1-2 live ones at these tables at night though, guy sits down next to dealer, looks like he came right from Nerd Prom, he gets into it with the old guy on the other side of the dealer who was felted but has come back very strongly. Board is like Qd Jd 9d 9h 2d, with action on the flop {I folded T3d preflop thankfully]. Old guy makes big bet on river, Nerd calls, Old guy flips A8d and says 'Show me your full house,' and nerd folds! Wtf!!

Someone else lost a similar hand to young asian dude, right after I sat down, and then left after busting on another misplay to the guy who beat me.
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