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Most of us here remember the old days when the eBay board was the wildest, whackiest board in Fooldom.
My personal favorite poster was good old Truthsayer, a 62 year old (or 72, depending on which post you read, or what day it was) investment banker. I thought he had the best sense of humor of all, and enjoyed his battles with 2121, JIMMYJACK, Smegma7, and even Maxmont for awhile (until Max became a good-guy). In fact, I believe Truth was the first one to recognize Amy on the board. I think it was her first post, and as was her style, she blasted right into 2121. Truth came back and wrote "2121 has a new enemy, and it wears lipstick". A young, brand new Amy came right back and mentioned that she just "wouldn't feel right without my lipstick". Cute, and part of what I thought was the most entertaining run of put-downs and comebacks in Fool history. That board probably set some kind of record for people getting penalized by Tippy Tingle. A couple of 'em even got permanently banned and came back as their own son and talked about how their "dad" was mistreated. What a goof! Newbies would come onto the board and wouldn't know what hit them. (OB, remember getting pissed at me when a newbie came on and wrote that this was his first post on the eBay board, and I replied "uhoh"? Yeah, you rememeber;)

And then Truthsayer disappeared. And then 2121. Then JIMMYJACK. Then Smeggy. Then ShelbyBoy (who's now returned, I see). Then the rest of us, except Oblood, who has a job to do. I don't think a group of people like that on one board could ever be duplicated, and I truly miss it.

So, last night, while reminiscing about those times, I sent a spur of the moment e-mail to Truth through his last post in Fooldom and, surprisingly, he hit me right back. The same dry sense of humor was apparent and refreshing. He said he was his own biggest fan (what a goofball!), and that from time to time he'd come back and read some of his and our old posts and still get a kick out of it. He also said that if someone needed to be "smacked", to let him know and he'd be back.

Yes, those were the days, and I hope most of you remember and appreciate those times that will surely never be recaptured. I know I sure do.

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I hope you invited him to this board... he'd be a blast here.

Yes, I miss ol' Truthie.

<choking up a bit>
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It's definitely time for Truthslayer to make his return... now all we need is JJ and we're a family again.

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now all we need is JJ and we're a family again

Umm... NO.

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"Umm... NO" - Aimers

Aww, c'mon, Amy!

You know you loved going back and forth with those guys! Especially JJ! You were the best at battling them! We all remember those days when you first came on as a feisty little chickey-poo, and took on the boys, and beat the CRAP out of them!

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