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RENP - Retire Early - No Politics.

I like the idea in principle...but over time I think will discover how fine the line is between investing and politics...economic policies' effects on the markets and many other examples. Then it would get worse: "how come your post yesterday about [something] doesn't count while my post today about [something else] counts as political?" type wars and flames erupting..

Politics per se isn't the problem IMO. There is probably a majority of us who do not get that bothered by a little comment here and there by someone expressing a different view from ours about, say, gay marriage, abortion, the 650 billion or more spent on military every year, or tax breaks for the richest fraction of 1%...a little comment here and there won't rile most of us.

What does get tiresome are the same 'clever' but oh so angry, quips, the same long tirades, the same less than mature 'clever' zingers over, and over again, about

1. "ha! it's cold this winter in [location] so ha, global warming must not be true! liberals! Never mind decades of science data..did I remember to bring up Al Gore? Ha what a fool he is! He also doesn't walk bearfoot to conferneces in Europe, he FLIES there, the hypocrite! It's cold in my state this year, that proves GLOBAL warming is fake! fake I tell you! Libral fools!" and

2."Aren't I so clever for paying less taxes while I still enjoy public services! [versus the next day] Aren't the poor so damn lazy for paying less taxes but expecting public services! The outrage!! Aren't you an inexperienced unclever idiot for paying a lot of this tax! [the next day:] I pay a lot of real estate YOU? Well, do you, pal? Huh??? Didn't think so, now you're not so tough are ya buddy?? Damn right you're not as tough and smart and as Big a Man as I am! [admires tough self in mirror] Yeah!!"

and 3. "All Black men are..." and similar statements about the behavior, tastes, preferences, likes/dislikes, proclivities, etc of a group consisting of tens of millions of human beings.

and similar claptrap over and over ad nauseum. A few "I love guns!" and "Sorry I'll never vote for gay marriage" and similar comments here and there would really not be a's the above kind of things that really downgrade this group week after week..

So thanks to those who pointed out the :-\ frown button...which helps..but only partially in these long threads..
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