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On Friday, the Republican party Twitter account, @GOP, said: “While Americans are struggling to pay more than EVER for the holidays, Kamala Harris is out buying a $375 pot.”

Thanks to the medium involved, responses were short and to the point.

Don Moynihan, a professor of public policy at Georgetown, wrote: “Just to put this in perspective: What Harris spent her own money on for cookware wouldn’t cover what Trump was charging taxpayers per room for Secret Service agents.”

Moynihan linked to a Washington Post report from February 2020, which said the Secret Service paid as much as $650 a night for rooms at Trump properties while Trump was president.
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Melania's dress!!! It'e expensive!
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I don't recall many comments on Melania's clothes other than that inappropriate jacket (I really don't care, do U? Imagine if Michelle or Hillary had worn it!). There were far more slams on the Obamas' clothing...tan suit! shirtsleeves in the oval office! sleeveless inauguration ball gown! Not to mention complaints that she bought much of her clothing off the rack at J Crew and such, just like regular folks. I remember my MIL, a middle class Texas-raised conservative, complaining about Rosalyn Carter's ordinary clothing as disrespectful of the presidency and not inspiring to the public.

I complimented Melania's inaugural parade outfit. Simple, yet gorgeous--I still remember it (and that jacket-) long after I've forgotten other FLOTUS clothing. Can't remember a single thing Jill Biden has worn and of Michelle, only her inaugural parade outfit and that off-the-shoulder ball gown.

But I remember Bernie's mittens, which went viral ;-)
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I think VP Harris should buy whatever the heck she wants with her money.

Minus envy from onlookers.

Ditto every - body- else.

The envious ones should get taxed every time they whine about, or try to take someone else's money.
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Republicans don't have anything else to talk about. They are on the wrong side of every important issue facing this country. So they have no choice but to offer up stupid "issues" in an attempt to distract people from those issues.
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What a nothing story. People can do whatever they want with their own money.
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