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----------------------------Research Report Archive Update------------------

Hi Fools,

This is an archive of full research reports posted here on the Foolish Collective [and Foolish Collective Projects]. They are listed chronologically based on the last post or archive for each company. There are a few reports that were researched on other boards or in seminars and have been reposted here. They are included mostly because FC members were involved and to help the search function. The archive starts with the latest reports first.

The depth and breadth of the reports varies and there is no standard template for research. It should also be born in mind that many of the reports were researched by Fools that were learning how to research companies. There are also a lot of interesting threads associated with many of the reports.

143. Hospira (HSP) by TMFKitKat 10/18/04

142. Unilever (UL) by Solidalgo 9/24/04

141. Fresh Del Monte Produce (FDP) by DCFNewbie 9/23/04

140. Dr.Reddy's Labs (RDY) by TMFKitKat 9/18/04

139. Atlas Pipeline Partners (APL) by emiller8988 9/13/04

138. Blue Nile (NILE) by bazonga 9/3/04

137. Arch Capital Group (ACGL) by DCFNewbie 8/25/04

136. Fossil (FOSL) by TMFKitKat 8/22/04

135. Teva Pharmaceuticals (TEVA) by TMFKitKat 8/15/04

134. Cardinal Health (CAH) by TMFKitKat 8/13/04

133. Canada Bread (TSX - CBY) by 1971simon 8/12/04

132. Christopher Banks (CBK) by TMFKitKat 8/7/04

131. RadioShack (RSH) by TMFKitKat 8/6/04

130. Plum Creek Timber (PCL) by kitkatklub 7/25/04

129. Cache, Inc (CACH) by mrchw 7/22/04

128. Checkpoint (CKP) by kitkatklub 7/12/04

127. Fargo (FRGO) by kitkatklub 7/4/04

126. Wet Seal (WTSLA) by kitkatklub 6/30/04

125. Thornburg Mortgage (TMA) by kitkatklub 6/26/04

124. Pixelworks (PXLW) by eeii 6/20/04

123. Cherokee (CHKE) by kitkatklub 6/12/04

122. Prime Medical Services (PMSI) by PosFCF 6/9/04

121. Encore (ECPG) by kitkatklub 6/6/04

120. K-Swiss (KSWS) by kitkatklub 5/16/04

119. Merge (MRGE) by kitkatklub 5/14/04

118. Service Corporation International(SVR) by kitkatklub 5/2/04

117. Kroll (KROL) by Rozanovitch 4/18/04

116. Schick Technologies (STI) by kitkatklub 4/23/04

115. Eastman Kodak (EK) by kitkatklub 3/22/04

114. McGraw-Hill Companies (MHP) by Solidago 3/15/04

113. Hologix (HOLX) by kitkatklub 3/14/04

112. CollaGenex Pharmaceuticals (CGPI) by emiller8988 3/10/04

111. Sara Lee (SLE) by kitkatklub 3/9/04

110. NuSkin (NUS) by kitkatklub 3/7/04

109. Anheuser-Busch (BUD) by kitkatklub 3/4/04

108. Rocky Shoes (RCKY) by kitkatklub 2/22/04

107. The Cracker Barrel (CBRL) by kitkatklub 2/21/04

106. National Beverage (FIZ) by ObliqueApproach 2/21/04

105. Casey's General Store (CASY) by kitkatklub 2/20/04

104. Bio-Rad (BIO) by kitkatklub 2/16/04

103. Sandisk (SNDK) by 1000 2/8/04

102. Enzo Biochem (ENZ) by kitkatklub 2/7/04

101. Visteon Corp. (VC) by kitkatklub 2/5/04

100. Apache (APA) by HamletsMill 1/26/04

99. Pediatrix Medical Group (PDX) by Solidago 1/26/04

98. Sigma-Aldrich (SIAL) by Solidago 1/25/04

97. Text Synovis (SYNO) by kitkatklub 1/23/04

96. Trinity Biotech (TRIB) by kitkatclub 1/17/04

95. Fidelity National Finance (FNF) by kitkatclub 1/11/04

94. Pixelworks (PXLW) by kitkatclub 1/10/04

93. Schawk (SGK) by kitkatclub 12/31/03

92. Nabi Biopharmaceuticals (NABI) by kitkatclub 12/30/03

91. Carnival Corp (CCL) by FoolishCop 12/27/03

FC Research Reports 2003
FC Research Reports 2002
FC Research Reports 2001



[Updated by DCFNewbie with the original poster's permission]
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Hi everyone,

Just a few comments:

- This was a slow month regarding analysis. I was counting on writing something up about PetroKazakhstan Oil (NYSE:PKZ), but I just kept delaying it (my new job being the main culprit). I'll probably start next Saturday.

- I might have missed something this month. If that is the case, please point it out.

- I haven't been successful in rallying further stock-picking communities in forming a general stock analysis archive. For the time being we'll have to rely exclusively on FC and FCP material.


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No need to include my name at the bottom of your updates - you are doing all the work and certainly don't need my permission.

I'm just pleased that you are doing it

Thanks & Regards
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What's the progress for the PZK report?
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Ehehe, well I got about 50% of it done. Are you investing in PKZ?


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