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You all knew that forcing fast food joints who employ lots of entry level low wage low skill required workers to pony up giant bucks for ObamaKare for their workers (adding about $3/hr in cost) was likely to have a big impact in the industry, right?


"See the restaurant of the future where all the food is cooked entirely by ROBOTS

As San Francisco's Momentum Machines prepares its new restaurant chain it's figured out all the details: decor, ingredients, location. The only thing they don't have to worry about is chefs.

That's because they plan to start the world's first fast food chain where all the cooking is done entirely by robots.

As the company boasts in its release announcing the plan: 'Our alpha machine replaces all of the hamburger line cooks in a restaurant. It does everything employees can do except better.'

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Heh, a skeleton staff of a few can load and maintain the machines 24/7.......

you order via electronic terminals or a iPhone type by Paypal or debt/credit card with your order.......

Next, you'll have robots deliver your food to your table......

and robots will clean up after the place closes inside for a few hours to let them clean up, wash the floors, tables, windows, etc.


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necessity, democrats, and unions are the mother of invention
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Liberals won't care.

This is "Fast food"!!! People make choices to eat it! It's cheap!! Icky! we can't have that in our neighborhood.

(But, they worship Apple who kicks slave labor's butts in China)

Good ol' Liberals, champions of the Middle Class....when they cant' stand the middle class.


PS: HERE'S TO LESS JOBS CREATED!!!! MORE CRIME, MORE WELFARE, MORE DESERVED CONSEQUENCES. I wonder if those unemployed people will make it over to Nob Hill to "take" what's rightfully theirs soon????
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If you've ever peeked behind the counter at McD.....there is a lots of automation there already.

They have all sorts of nooks cooking and keeping things warm. They put in the raw product and out comes cooked eggs, cooked chicken breasts, etc.....

The pizza places still make the pizzas by hand but they go in gigantic conveyer ovens..... it's just a small step to robots making the pizzas......

In 10 years, with the cost of employees going up, there's going to be a lot more automation....and fewer employees....

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Oct 4th, 2011....

I told the PA Leftists that hopefully, fast food businesses will have their robotic workforce ready to go, just in time for ObamaCare:

"On a side note, I read that McDonald's is testing computerized ordering in some if it's restaurants overseas. I wish them well. I hope they have the robots ready just in time for ObamaCare."

Keep adding to America's underclass.

Obama Reid Pelosi 2008


obama 2012

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