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Hi folks,

I've bumped in and out of this board because I am considering a job change and a move. I've been in the organization for around 7 years now and don't have much of a resume. Additionally, I've been working in Acadamia and am now considering a move to the private sector.

So, my resume is in tatters and I'm trying to find a way to explain why my transferable skills (education, leadership, communication/presentation, cat herding, etc.) will work in my new found industry.

I am, therefore, considering hiring a resume builder. This is a tough step for me as I am a DIY type of person, but this is something that I need help with.

A quick web search turned up: ~~~ does anybody have any experience with their service? Is it worth nearly $300.00? Are there better alternatives?


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You can find assistance with your resume lots of places. I am not familiar with that company, but think about what you are getting. They are probably going to spend several hours collecting information from you, fitting it into a standard computer program, and then sending is back to you for comments. So what will this person get paid? At least $20/hr plus office overhead and support.

$300 is not unreasonable for the service if it includes printing.

Today many companies offer their former employees outplacement services. These services do the same thing. Its a service to negotiate for it you get laid off.

I have also heard of organizations whose members volunteer to work with unemployered executives to help them do their own resume. You might find them through local universities or through organizations like service core for retired executives.

But you should be able to do your own resume if you are willing to spend the time at it. Visit the library for books of samples.

Most would feature your main selling points in the cover letter. Keep the resume itself to factual data. But then do your marketing and focus on a particular job target for each resume. Write that cover letter. Then revise your resume to feature your main selling points for that position.

Good luck.
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My husband used Cannon Career Center ( to re-create his resume and was quite happy with the results.

(I get no money for this!)

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