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Any thoughts on high quality insurance for someone retiring ~8 years before Medicare elegibility?

Other options:

1. I can opt for COBRA, thence HIPPA. Expensive, but maybe the best idea.

2. I will be living outside the USA for extended periods, e.g., 3 to 4 months). Any tips on supplemental coverage? Coverage for USA and non-USA?

3. I can afford to skip basic coverage and self-insure [i.e., high deductable] $5,000 to $10,000 per year. Does this point to any other companies?

Thanks for your suggestions. Just, not "Mutial of Omaha -- $50-a-day-in hospital" type coverage.

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Living out of the country poses special limitations as most insurance offerings are regulated at the state level.

The usual recommendation is to contact the state insurance office in your state for information on who offers such policies.

In New Jersey, the state insurance office has standardized the terms of all individual health care plans so you can compare their costs side by side. The state provides descriptive information on them, together with a list of all firms authorized to sell insurance in the state, and a summary of their premiums. Shopping is pretty easy.
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