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Hello Everyone

I am approaching retirement age and have been googling about it but I seem to get more confused than enlightened. So I signed on to this board, hoping to get some idea. I have a few questions and hope you guys can shed some light. Thank you in advance for your help.

I am currently still working with a rather good pay and the company also provides decent healthcare coverage for me and my wife. So I am thinking maybe I want to work for another year or two after I turn 65. I am a little worried that staying home without much to do may actually be bad for my health physically and mentally. I'd like to get some info relating to SS benefits and Medicare.

• Do I have to sign up for Medicare around 65th birthday if I continue to work and have company-provided healthcare? If I don’t signup immediately, will I have to pay a penalty when I sign up eventually? If I do sign up, does that mean I have to pay both Medicare premium and premium for my company healthcare plan? That would be a sizable additional expenditure.

• My wife has just had her 65th birthday. Due to health reason she stopped working her paying job long time ago and didn’t earn enough points for Social Security benefits on her own. I did some googling and read somewhere that if I am qualified for Social Security, my wife might also qualify for some amount of Social Security benefit. I am not sure if that is true. I cannot find any definite info on that. Also Would my wife also be qualified for some Medicare benefit as a spouse?
Every time I tried to call SS office, I was put on hold for a really long time – more than 30 minutes – before I abandon the call. I will try again soon. But I hope I can get some info from your guys.

Thank you in advance.
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I have this strange feeling of deja vue!

BTW: if you sign up for Medicare and use your company plan as a supplemental insurance, you will pay Medicare as well as pay for your company plan. You would do the same if you bought a different
supplemental plan. Also, drug coverage is typically a different "insurance" supplier. Overall,
I found the supplemental coverage and part D coverage cheaper than my particular company plans.

As before - good luck.
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Howie; thank you. looks like retirement isn't that easy and have to deal with all these issues. Also I hear that medicare needs to be re-enrolled every year?

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". Also I hear that medicare needs to be re-enrolled every year?

Larry "


medicare does not need to be re-enrolled unless you want to change plans -
but supplemental insurance and the drug-care coverage needs to be looked
over for coverage changes as well as changes in the costs.
Not really a major problem - and should you not want to change plans you
do not have a major activity. However, the drug plans can change rather
significantly - so I suggest you look those over carefully.
Also, the Medicare website is not bad to check on questions:

BTW - there are other retirement boards that have more folks looking in on a
regular basis - Retired Fools and Retirement investing tends to have a greater
poster population. And as is always the case, you get what you pay for - and
so you find conflicting advice at times.

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